UNSC Destroyer Three's a Crowd - Tiber IV - 5 December, 2548 (Military)

"Fire," Jennings ordered. He saw what everyone else on the Bridge saw. A Covenant fleet right in front of them. He felt the heavy thud as the depleted-uranium slug was propelled at a massive velocity towards the Covenant ships freshly out of Slipspace. He watched as 36 MAC slugs raced across the expanse of space seperating the two forces along with numerous Archer missiles and a few other surprises.

"Sir, Shiva is closing fast." Ishi reported. Jennings watched as the Covenant ships began activating their shields and attempting to blast some of the missiles out of the air with thier point defense lazers. It only worked on a small fraction of the flood of explosives, most detonated harmlessly against the shields of the Covenant fleet. But those were just distractions.

"Shiva is within 600 meters within the enemy's perimeter sir." Ishi told Jennings.

He nodded, it was time, "Detonate,"

The bridge crew stole a glance towards the enemy as they watched a dozen bright flashes of light quickly expand outward from inside of the Covenant fleet. Most of the Shiva's enegy was harmless, however, the electro-magnetic pulse that disabled the Covnenant's shields wasn't so harmless. Especially when followed quickly by 36 MAC slugs. Will grined maliciously as he watched the MAC slugs slam into the dazed Covenant fleet, some running straight throught the ships as if a hot knife through butter. Others impacted the ships and sent them spinning lazily out of control and other, a small few, barely missed the enemy. All in all, it was a good show of shooting.

"That's how we do it!" Jennings exclaimed, "Full speed ahead, let's send these bastards back to hell!" He sat and felt the deep vibrations of the ship as it sped forwards towards the Covenant fleet. He noted various other UNSC ships doing the same.

"Sir, enemy weapons charging!" Ishi reported.

"Con, evasive action!" Jennings ordered. He watched as his view changed from staring right into the jaws of the enemy fleet to that of a steep downward decent.

"Mutilple enemy contacts coming from the fleet sir, looks like singleships and boarding craft." Ishi said, "Powering up point defense turrets." As he spoke, the powerful 50 mm Point defense turrets were being loaded with amunition and being controled by the ship's AI.

"Understood, alert Marines to prepare to recieve boarders. Also, charge up the rail guns on the port and starboard sides. Let's get ready to rumble people." Jennings said. He noted the clomping of combat boots behind him and turned around to see a small contingent of the ship's ODST troopers standing guard by the Bridge enterance. He smiled, then refocused. It was turning out to be a good day, unless, ofcourse, you were the Covenant, he thought. Which was, oddly, exactly what Nel was thinking at that very moment.

The End

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