Their Will Be Done

Covenant Fleet of Unerring Justice - Orbit around Planet KR4 (Human Colonly Haradrid)

Nel 'Zammamee strode through the halls of the powerful carrier Zealous Retribution towards the Prophet's chambers. Though the prophet occupying the said rooms was but a lesser one than the Hierarchs, he still commanded power and respect for his position. He quickly arrived at his destination and paused a moment before entering. As he did, he heard the voice of the Prophet call out to him.

"Nel, do come in." The Prophet of Courage told him. He sat suspended in his gravity chair as the San'Shuymn's legs had developed a very potent weakness to sustained movement on the ground. Nel approached and nodded to the Honor Guard captain who stood attentivly in the corner. The captain met his gaze and returned the nod with a small, but visable, acknolegement.

"Nel, what do you see here?" Courage asked him as he gestured a thin arm and hand towards the viewscreen. Nel focused on the screen, it showed the Covenant fleet amassed there purging, or glassing as the Humans called it, the world of any Human filth that remained. Nel considered the question as he percieved it to be one of the Prophet's many tests that he liked to confuse his underlings with. But Nel was not an ordinary underling.

"I see the stamping out of the Human parisite prophet. And our mission from the Hierarchs being fulfilled." He replied. Courage nodded slowly.

"Yes, I see that too. I also see," He began as he turned around, "A Fleetmaster in need of a fleet and a mission. Of which," he smiled thinly, "I happen to have both."

Nel stood and blinked, an odd occurance for one so usually non-plussed. He played the words over again in his head, stopping shortly after the word 'Fleetmaster'. Did this mean...

"Yes Nel, this means that you have become a Fleetmaster. You do your liniage proud with your zeal in protecting the Covenant. It was seen fit to reward such service with this promotion." Courage told him. He had an odd way of being able to tell what the Sanghelli were thinking at times. Possibly it was just him being around the noble warriors so much.

"Thank you, Prophet. What are the Hierarchs' orders?" He asked as he saluted. Courage returned the salute as he answered.

"You are to take command of the Fleet of Righteous Indignation and move them to a Human world that we have discovered." The prophet keyed a button on his chair which changed the viewscreen from the boiling planet surface below to a navigational star chart. It highlighted a section of the map and focused in to show a planet that was nearby in the next system. "This world is named by the Humans 'Tiber IV' I believe. Your mission is to go there and remove the Human stench from the world. It is the Hierarch's will that you do so, so do not fail them on this task Nel."

Nel considered the task that lay ahead. He was to lead a fleet, his own, against a Human world and purge it himself? The task, if completed, would bring much honor and glory to his liniage and would propel himself into the higher ranks of his keep back on his Homeworld. "Very well Prophet, their will be done." He said as he saluted and bowed.

Courage saluted back, "Their Will be done," Then turned around facing the viewscreen. Nel glanced at the Honor Guard captain, who motioned that the meeting was over and nodded a fairwell to the newly annointed Fleetmaster. Nel nodded in polite return. Then turned around and headed out towards his mission.

The End

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