"Just the beginning, just the beginning" Aria murmured to herself as she paced back and forth in her bedroom, her bare feet making little sound on her hardwood floor. Her brain had already begun to try and process exactly what had happened in the forest. As soon as the adrenaline had left her veins Aria began to panic at the thought of what this all meant for her.

Taking a deep breath Aria set down at her dresser and closed her eyes. "It couldn't be true" She said as she took her hair down from its restraining ponytail for the fifth time that night, a nervous habit of hers. She opened her eyes and shook her head. "On my way home I murdered a ancient fairy called the Pookah" Aria said, and as soon as she heard how ridiculous it all sounded a bubble of laughter escaped her. It as ridiculous. There was no such thing as the fae. "I just need to stop eating Chloe's homemade brownies, god knows she probably put something in them" Aria said, to herself, reassuring this new logical train of thought that she was comfortable with. "It was a mix of bad brownies, creepy roads and my Grams' stories" Aria said firmly as she stood up to get ready for bed, catching a glimmer of silver in the mirror.

It was there. Clear as day. On her sweater gleamed the silver blood stain of the Pookah. No amount of reassuring could wish this cold solid proof away. She brought her fingers to the stain. She grimaced, it was still wet, warm and sticky. Closing her eyes in bitter defeat Aria let out a bitter sigh. 

Thump. Thump. Thump. What was that? Aria turned around, all her muscles coiling, ready to attack.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Aria frowned as she stood up from her perch in front of the dresser. The sound seemed to be coming from the floor. With calculated caution she made her way forward, her ears on high alert.

Thump. Thump. Thump. It was coming from the creaky floorboard at the foot of her bed. Aria made her way over and crouched down by the floorboard. She would need something to lever this up surely. But then she remembered the amazing strength she had exhibited in the forest. With her finger alone Aria pried the floorboard up, and with a tug it was free from it's constraints. 

Under the board, among the straw and dust of the ancient house lay a book. Aria let her slender, elegant fingers grace over the cover before taking the book from it's resting place. A layer of thick dust had accumulated on the cover of the old book. Aria quickly cleared the dust away from the dark red leather bound book. 

In an elegant gold script was Aria's family name. McChumhaill. Seized with an uncontrollable curiosity Aria opened the book to the first page.

There in her grandmother's hand writing was a note. One final note.

"My dearest Aria,

If you have found this it means that you have come to realize the magic that you hold in you, and the responsibility you now hold, and for that I am sorry. We are a powerful family, and with power comes great responsibility. Greatness has it's burdens, but do not let the weight of it get you down. I hope what I have told you will prepare you for what is to come,  but if not, everything you will need to know will be here.

Our power brings darkness like moths to a flame, you are strong mo iníon.

Love and light


Aria slammed the book shut and placed it back to it's resting place and placed the board back in place. With tears in her eyes she shook her head, and wordlessly she went to bed. this was all too much for one day. 

The End

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