It was Prom night. Girls were glammed up with short skanky dresses. After all, it was the Junior Prom. Not Senior. I smiled, loving how good my boobs looked in my dress. I still had the tissue paper that Jacob wrote on. My hair was straightened, my lips were glossed, my eyes rimmed in eyeliner and mascara.

"Gorgeous," I shouted happily.

"We all are, bitch," Grace said.

"I know."

We took pictures until it was time to leave. Frankie asked Stacey, Dan asked Grace, who said that they would only go as friends, and of course the two lovebirds... Anne Marie and Griffin. We were a good group... I think? I walked to see them waiting.

"Whoa, babe, you're looking might fine..." Dan said.

"Shut up, ass hole," Jacob interrupted, "she's mine."

"I'm not anyone's," I sighed, kissing him.

Prom. Oh god. We went in my Jenna, managing to fit. Jacob drove. I think she only liked him or me. Otherwise, she didn't work. We heard music emanating out of the doors of the Hilton. Lovely.

Walking inside, I felt the coolness of AC brush across my face. Inside my heart, that nervousness that Adam was still out there bothered me. But I ignored it for now. I had to. And I would. The lights were dimmed. It was a Tinsletown theme, and alot of people were walking around in feather boas and other crap. It was purely wonderful.

"Wanna dance, Hales?" Jacob asked, poking my ribs.

"Maybe, Jakey," I laughed, taking his hand.

He looked sexy when he danced. It bothered me when white guys danced... but not him. He was... good. I smiled, happy to have this annoying little bastard as my own. Would we last? Maybe. But I'd let life decide that. Senior year was approaching as well as our departure. But, I still had a year. I wouldn't worry now. I had time. I forgot about everything, letting myself melt into his arms into the night.

The End

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