Almost the EndMature

It was all too much to handle.

"Where is this Adam?" the officer questioned.

I shrugged, allowing myself to sit on the seat in the corner. Oh my god. I wanted to cry. And I did. I bawled everything out, minus the sex tape and pregnancy. We promised to keep that a secret. And we had to.

Grace held her tears back until it was her turn to talk.

"Where are the rest of you girls?"

"Back on campus," I sighed, wiping my eyes.

Jacob walked in, wondering what was taking so long.

"Can you call them?"

I nodded, dialing Stacey's number.

"Come down to the police station," I whispered.

All she said was "ok" and that she was on her way.

"You're forgetting something?" Dexter groaned, from the small cell.

The police officer had left to see if anyone else was coming.

"Shut up," Grace said.

"You'll get in trouble too, dumbass. You made the sex tape, right? And you were the one leaving us notes."

"Took you a while, babe."

"Do you really want me to give you another black eye?" Jacob whispered, boldly.

"So, Adam's not dead?" I asked, trying to break the tension.

"No. But, I hate to say this, you have to tell the guy everything. Dexter's right. You have to tell the officer about the baby. The sex. The reason Julia was killed... for her own good."

"We're sure Adam killed her?"

"Who else can it be, bitch?" Dexter mumbled.

I sighed, ignoring him.

The police officer came in, Stacey and Anne Marie following. We heard sirens again. Mr. Parker and Mrs. Vanderbrook walked in, heads down, in handcuffs. We heard Jennett in the distance, sobbing.

The End

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