Puzzle PiecesMature

I ran to the parking lot. I had to find out what happened. It was dark and I nearly killed myself almost tripping on a twig in the middle.

"Hales," Jacob called, as he saw me running like a psycho through the dark parking lot, "where the hell are you going?"

"Police station!" I shouted back, "Come with?"

He nodded, obviously not trusting me with the car after a few beers. I threw him my keys. He walked down the hill, after me in the lot. I knew that the rest of the girls were coming, but we decided to take our own cars, just in case.


Dexter was just coming out the police car when Jacob pulled over. Well, he had been going 40 miles above the speed limit. I breathed heavily.

"I hope this is over tonight," I sighed.

"What 'bout that ass hole?" Jacob asked, thinking of Mr. Parker.

"He'll get arrested for two things... or three. First, he had sex with a minor. Second, that minor was a student and he was a teacher. And third, he had alcoholic beverages with students on school campus. Hopefully, they don't find out about that."

"Yeah," he whispered, "what do we do?"

Grace knocked on the window. He rolled down the window.

"They're gonna question us again, you know."

"Then might as well go in," I said, excitedly.

"We all smell like alcohol, babe," he said.

"Well, shit," I said.

Grace went through her purse, found some deodorant and perfume and bathed herself in it. I did the same. I quickly kissed Jacob, who decided to wait in the car and take a nap.

"Anne Marie and Stacy didn't come?" I whispered, as we strolled into the police station nonchalantly.

"Nah," she said, "just in case the police came there."

I nodded, understanding.

"May I help you two ladies?" asked an officer sitting at a desk.

Dexter glared at us.

"We're here for the Julia Gregorio case."

"Aah," he said, "we've been waiting for someone to show up. We found a gun in this young man's room."

"I have no idea how that got there!" Dexter shouted.

"Then whose could it be?" I asked, provoking him.

"You do remember that I had a roomate, right?" Dexter said, "It's Adam's."

"Adam?" the police officer asked, "Who's this?"

My heart sunk. Adam had been singled out of the picture. It seemed as if he had nothing to do with it. Until now.

"Adam was Julia's boyfriend."

And Mr. Parker might've been the father to Julia's baby.

The End

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