Son of a GunMature

I sighed, after ten minutes of fighting. Thank god I was ok. That night, Dan decided that we should all hang out around a campfire in the forest near the school. It was random, but fun. He had everything prepared. Logs, a big campfire, and a few tents. We had school tomorrow, but it was a delayed opening... as in 11:00 to 3:00. They were investigating Julia's murder. I was scared. Hopefully, they would find something before they came to the sex tape, before they came to her necklace and so on and so forth.

Jacob handed me his cup of coco, as he went to get some marshmellows. Ha came back, kissing me softly.

"Oh, god," Dan said, "you're gonna get as worse as Anne Marie and Griffin."

We looked at them. Surely, they were making out. Heavily.

"I don't mind," Jacob said, middle-fingering him.

Frankie and Stacy were talking. Oh my god. My heart jumped a little. A tiny burst of happiness exploded inside me. Grace rolled her eyes at Dan and Jacob's minor brawl. Yes, there were some fists and blows, but they were peeing their pants as they did so. Damn, Jacob turned me on. I may sound nasty, but he was just so... tempting. And seductive. My sexy little man.

After hours of mindless prattle and banter, we heard them. The police sirens, that is. They had found something. We ran back to campus, seeing a crowd gathered at the boys' dorm room. And we saw Dexter, handcuffed, being carried away to the awaiting police station. 'Gun' and 'hidden' were the two words that I repeatedly heard. Holy crap. They had found a gun in Dexter's room.

The End

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