It was dark once the funeral was over. Some kids were smoking outside and some went to change for the long bus ride. I went to the bathroom with some flannel pjs, my Adidas slippers, and my white v-neck. I sighed, running my fingers through my hair. It was dark inside the bathroom. I was the last one who had to change. It felt scary here. Julia's body was right there, just a wall separating us. I heard the door of the hall close. Her family had left with the body. Hopefully, the bus was still out there. I tied my hair up into a messy bun, letting my side-bangs fall to the side. I sighed.

Suddenly, the lights started to flicker. And they went blank. Goose bumps covered my arms. I slowly walked across the bathroom, feeling things. I heard the door open. And close. I heard something drop on the floor. I wanted to scream. But the lights turned on again.

I saw it on the floor. Julia's necklace. The one she always wore. The necklace with a broken heart, red and shining on the empty bathroom floor. I picked it up. It was definitely hers. It was cold in my hand. The door opened again. Mr. Parker walked in.

"Are you done?" he asked, smiling.

Why was he smiling? I nodded.

"Ok, good," he said.

He walked in, closing the door behind him.What the fuck?

"Whatchya got there?" he asked.


I shoved the necklace in the pocket of my pants.

"You sure?" he asked.

I nodded, again.

"What's going on between you and Stacey?"

"Nothing. It's girl stuff."

"What's Jacob got to do with it?"

"Nothing. I'm ready. Let's go now."

"I didn't give you detention for doing the wrong thing. I gave you detention because I'm jealous of him."

My heart dropped into my stomach. I was nervous now.

"Why?" I whispered.

His finger traced the 'V' of my neck line. He touched the lacy black bra that peaked out.

"I like you."

"You're a teacher," I whispered.

"But we feel the same way, don't we?"


He leaned in to kiss me. I let him kiss me because he was too heavy for me to push back. His tongue entered my mouth. My back digged into the counter. But I eventually pushed him off. And wiped my mouth.

The bathroom door was open. And Jacob was there.

"Wow," he said.

He slid his hands into his pockets.

"I didn't know that he was the reason for us not being able to work. Well, sorry... I'm giving up you on you."

"Jacob..."  I said, "it's not what it looks like..."

"Then what does it look like?"

Mr. Parker slid past him and walked away.

"He kissed_"

"I'm done," he said, "ok? I mean, you could do whatever you want."

"Yeah," I said, "I can."

"Shit," he whispered.

He walked in.

"Why are you here?"

"The other goddamn chaperone told me to check."

"Why are you so jealous?"

"Because," he whispered.

"Huh? Why the hell are you so jealous?"

I pushed him back. He laughed.

"You can't fight me. You're... miniature."

I tried punching him. He laughed. But in a painful and hurt way. But he was bothering me. He started to walk away. I jumped onto his back.

"Oh crap, Haley!" he said.


He shrugged me off and smiled a little.

"Just your sex guy?" he whispered.

"God, Jacob..."


He walked away. I walked after him, steadily behind him.

"Jacob," I called.

He ignored me, walking faster.


But I walked to the bus, falling asleep ignorning everyone and everything.


I walked to the dorm room as soon as possible. Stacey was already there, crying. She looked up to see me, wiping her eyes. She walked away, without saying a word. I looked at the time. 10:01. And that night, I recalled what happened.

The story was this. The stuff with Mr. Parker and Adam actually happened. But, we actually fell asleep and when we woke up Julia, Mr. Parker, and Adam were gone. And we heard a scream from outside. We ran to the window, our heads throbbing and saw a shadow run across campus. We quickly cleaned up the mess and ran outside. It was late. A gun shot. Another scream. One more gun shot. We waited for a scream. No scream. Julia was pregnant. We didn't know with who. But we might've heard her die. Her and her baby. But the next morning, there was a dead deer on campus. And people claimed they saw a hunter last night. So, the scream might've just came from Julia because whoever killed the deer. Because there was no body... anywhere. Except the goddamn deer. We never reported this. We promised Julia that we would never tell anything about this night, no matter what happened. Obviously, that was before she died. But she was dead now. And there were no gun shot wounds on her body. Unless, they weren't visible.

I was tired of this. I didn't want this. Stacey, my best friend, was never going to forgive me. Jacob was never going to forgive me. And what really sucked was that I just realized that I was madly in love with him. I had no one. I was alone.

I walked to laundry room, determined. I found the bleach containers. I opened it, the strong scent filling my nostrils. It would be like drinking water. It was just that easy.

The End

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