Buses, Bathrooms, and StrawberriesMature

I walked back to the dorm, sitting down on the leather couch in the first floor lobby.

"So, did Stacey ever have sex with Jacob?" some girl asked, talking to another one.

"Nah," the brunette said,"she wouldn't. She's too good. But, Haley... yeah she probably did. She's a badass."

I raised my eyebrows.

"There's a sex tape, bitches," I called, resting my hands on the top of the couch, "it's all over Facebook."

"Holy crap!" the blonde one said.

I nodded.

"Who posted it?"

"Stacey," I said.

A lump lodged itslef in between my throat when I said her name. And it was hard doing this. Hating each other. Well, at least for me. Francesca walked in.

"Ladies and gentlemen," she said, holding her phone out, "another sexy scandal in the making."

A picture of me and Jacob kissing. Is she serious?

"Francesca,"I said, "you took a damn picture?"

"Of course," she said, "posting it in the group."

"What group?"

"Oh well, since nothing as good as this happens in school, we might as well make it viral. Two groups... one for Stacey and one for you... it's pretty interesting. And I'm posting this... in your group, honey."

"Wow," I whispered

This is totally like Gossip Girl... except it's lunatics running the show. And we're not rich. And it was done purely out of boredom. I took the stairs to my room and slowly opened the door.

"Holy shit," Grace said, "I can't believe you did that!"

"What?" I asked.

"Janitor's closet..."

"Where's Stacey?"

"She went to go get ready for the funeral."


"Jennett's room..."


"I know."

I shook my head, searching through my closet for a black dress. With a new sluttier reputation, I found a short, slinky black dress that showed lots of leg and lots of skin. It dipped low in a square, covering my boobs, but not the rest. It was a-line and it fell a few inches above my fingertips. I found my lovely high black sandals with the thin, long heel.

"Wow, Ms. Slut," Grace said, "you're really going to the extreme."

"I must," I chimed, "and I'm having fun."

"You know," she said, "I like you like this. It's freakin' bold."

"I know. I don't regret it at all. Stacey's the one making a big deal about it. She should've at least talked to me about it before posting the sex tape online."

"Who made that anyway?"

"Dexter. He makes sex tape for fun. His easy access to porn."

"Wait," she said, "for fun..."

She looked at me blankly. And it clicked. The shadow in the Julia and 'Justin' sex tape... was it Dexter?

"You don't think..." she started.

"I might..."



I shook my head, deciding to get over with the funeral first. I slipped into my dress, fixing it so my bra didn't show. I glossed my lips with peach lip gloss, straightened my hair, sweeping my side bangs to the side, and did my eyes in mascara and eyeliner. Stacey barged in. And she stared at me.

"You're going to a funeral like that?"

"Oh yes," I said, happily.

Her dress, I had to admit, was really pretty. It had thin sheet of lace and showed lots of cleavage and a normal amount of leg. And she wore her pumps. She should not be talking to me like that. Her light brown hair was curled and her bangs were swept to the side with a pin. She had a light eyeshadow, a bunch of eyeliner (she always messed up with it) and mascara. Her lips were covered in red lipstick.

"Why'd you get all fancied up?" I asked.

"I did not!" she groaned.

"Someone's trying too hard," I said, "and nice dress."

I walked out of the room, glancing at the clock. 6:00. Some guys walked in. And I saw Jacob. His hair was messy. He wore a silky black shirt, loosley tucked into black dress pants. The top button was open, and he wore a sleek white tie with his sleeves rolled up. His loafers were messy. But he looked hot. And it looked like all of us were going to some party... not a funeral. But, the Gregorios were rich ass people that had to be surrounded by fancy looking people, even at their daughter's funeral.

Jacob sat next to me on the couch. Frankie sat across from us, Dan walked into the room and I heard Grace scream 'You fuckin' idiot!'. Griffin met up with Anne Marie and she took him inside. Another scream. Hilarious.

"You guys," Frankie said, "you know... since Stacey's not with you... you don't think she would..."

"Frankie," Jacob said, "you like her don't you? Well, you can have her. I got my eyes on somebody else."

His finger trailed down my boob. I slapped his hand.

"Ow," he said.

I smiled, kissing his finger.

"You guys are a weird ass bunch," Frankie said, leaving us alone.

"So, baby," Jacob said, "you lookin' sexy..."

"So are you, baby," I said, in the same tone as his.

"Damn," he whispered, "too bad we're not dating."

"Yeah, too bad."

He shook his head. I looked at him, raising my eyebrows. I ran my fingers through my hair, letting it fall messily to my sides.

"You're hopeless," I said.

He pouted, jokingly. I slapped his arm. He leaned into kiss me, and I let him. But, Mr. Parker walked in just then I pulled back once I heard him clear his throat.

"I'll be your chaperone on the bus," he said.

"Yo," Jacob complained, "I was 'bout to kiss her."

"Go ahead," Mr. Parker said.

Jacob looked at him weirdly.  I shook my head and got up. I fixed my dress and I felt Mr. Parkers eyes burn into me. I turned to face him. Yup, he was staring at me. In a creepy pedophilish way. I cleared my throat. Man, he was one attractive guy. But, I wasn't attracted to him that way. We all remembered that night. But... nothing really happened, except that a teacher was drinking with students on campus.

I shook my head clear of that memory, watching everyone file out of their rooms. He took me, Jacob, Stacey, Griffin, Grace, Dan, Anne Marie, Griffin, and bunch of other boys and girls onto bus 1. We crowded into the bus. I sat myself next to Grace. Jacob sat diagnolly from me with Dan, while Stacey and Anne Marie sat behind us. The trip was going to be a long one. There was a bathroom and a T.V. Wow. A 3 hour trip. Of course. Julia's hometown. My stomach growled. I realized I hadn't eaten anything and I searched my purse. And I found them. Two, delicious, scrumptious chocolate-covered strawberries.

"You want one?" I whispered.

"Nah," Grace said.

I shrugged. I ripped the green stuff off, taking a slow bite out of the tip. I turned around, asking Jacob if he wanted one. He was staring at me.

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing... keep eating..."

Dan laughed, watching Jacob cover his dick. I rolled my eyes, eating the two strawberries, slowly, just to make Dan die of laughter. After a while, I got up to go pee. But the bus jerked suddenly, and I fell into Jacob's lap. I couldn't balance on those massive heels. He caught me.

And Stacey stared. I smiled. And I couldn't take it for another hour. I couldn't stand just sitting there. Time for my favorite activity. Let's play pretend. I grabbed his hand and led him to the bathroom, letting people stare, including Mr. Parker. Who cared? Obviously, a bunch of people.

The End

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