No RegretsMature

I felt him playing with my blonde hair, running his fingers through it, freeing it from the tangles and knots. He softly tugged at the roots and it felt good. He then moved to my bra strap, snapping it against my skin.

"Ow," I whispered.

He did it again. I turned around.

"If you do that again," I said, smiling, "I'll slap you."

He grinned, reaching for me again. And he went ahead and did it. Jerk. I leaned in, kissing him.

"Or I'll kiss you," I whispered.

"I'd prefer that," he whispered.

I laughed.

"Fuck, you're beautiful."

I bit my lip.

"Gimme my shirt," I said, trying to ignore that weird feeling moving around in my heart.

It was something... unfamiliar and strange. And I didn't... like it. It felt awkward. It was enveloping my heart in some type of coating. Some type of thick, happy coating that I wanted gone. I didn't like it. At all.

He didn't care that I was avoiding his compliment. He sat up, reaching over for my shirt. I saw his abs, perfectly sculpted. He was lean, not too muscular and not too skinny. Just right. And he didn't wear briefs. He wore Playboy bunny boxers. What an ass.

I slipped into it, scouring the floor for my shorts. I reached under one of the shelves, slipping them on. He watched me, leaning back.

"What?" I asked.

"Why are you so quiet?" he grinned.

"I don't know," I said, shrugging.

I slid into my shoes, running my fingers through my hair. I picked up the garbage can. He quickly put his clothes on, sighing.

"Now what?" he asked.

"We talk about it," I said.


"Everyone else. Not between us. Because we know exactly what happened, why it happened, etc., etc."

He smiled looking down at me.

"I like your ways of getting back at people... you know, except me," he said.

"I know you do," I said.

I leaned up to kiss him.

"And," I said, "that was just for agreeing with me... we're not going out..."

"I wasn't thinkin' 'bout it," he said, sliding his hands into his pockets.

"Jakey," I said.


"Are you mad?"

"No," he said, "we just had super hot sex, baby... in a fucking closet!"

I smiled. Now that was the true Jacob. I hugged, walking out, proudly. He followed.

"What were you guys doing in there?" Francesca asked, walking by.

"We just had sex, honey," I said.

He nodded in agreement. I kissed him for proof and we walked opposite ways, leaving her dumbfounded.

The End

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