Just FriendsMature

I bit the person's hand, and assuming it was a guy I reached back and kicked their balls. The person groaned and let go.

"Damn, girl," Dexter said, "you know how to fight."

I shone the light on him.

"Holy fucking god! What the hell are you doing here?"

"I was trying to save you from being caught. I was walking back to my dorm."

I breathed hard.

"You scared me, man. I almost peed my pants."

"Then, take your panties off," he said.

"You're such a loser," I said.

He smiled, trying to grab my ass.


"Seriously. What you doin' here? Somebody's breaking curfew."


"Was looking at the memorial? You kinda broke it. And what was the note in your hand?"

"What note?"

He groaned, easily giving up. Thank god.

"You wanna come up to my room? My roomates are gone for tonight..."

"Eww," I said, "why would I do that?"

"I'm not gonna try anything. I got brownies."

"Aww, damn it! You know I like brownies."

"So, you coming?"

"Fine. I'd rather be anywhere else than my room."

He smiled. We walked inside carefully, hopefully avoiding supervisors. We met the dark stairs.

"Ladies first," he said.

"Oh no no no, I know very well why you want me to go first. You're not gonna panse or pinch my ass. So you go first."

He smiled. Dexter was cute, but he was pretty creepy. But I knew him well enough. He opened the door to his room.

"I'll take your sweater," he said.

"I'm good," I said.

"It gets hot in here."

I slipped out of it, wishing I was wore a t-shirt instead of a lace cami that showed my bra. I tried to pull down my shorts, suddenly feeling uncomfortable. He handed me a brownie. I smelt it.

"Pot brownies?" I asked.

"Eat it," he said, munching one down... and another.

"I don't do drugs, Dex.

"Oh, look," he said, "look who's being a goody-goody tonight. I know what you did last night. I saw you with Jacob."

"We didn't do anything," I said, throwing the brownie on the plate.

"Really? I have a sex tape to prove it."

I looked away and bit my lip.

"I sell them, honey. That's how I make my mula."

"How much for it?"

"Well, there's no price..."

He got  and leaned in to kiss me. He tasted like chocolate. It felt nasty. I pulled back and slapped him.

"What the hell?" I asked.

I grabbed my sweater and started to leave. But, he grabbed my wrist and held on tight. I felt his nails dig into my skin.

"Kiss me," he whispered, angrily.

"Nah," I said.

I was kinda scared but more pissed. I would kick his ass if he didn't let go.

"You shouldn't have said that," he said.

He pulled me towards him

"You haven't been working out," I said, "this should be easy."

I scratched his face, jamming my knee into his abdomen. He moaned and let go of my wrist. I quickly ran to the door. I was opening it as soon as Jacob walked in.

"Jacob," I said, watching his expression turn from 'I-have-a-question' to anger.

"I'm gonna beat his ass," he said.

I smiled, slightly. His tone was pissed and punched Dexter's face. He pulled back, and bit his lip.  He folded his fingers into a fist and then back out rapidly, as if his hand was out of control. As if he were trying to calm it down. Dexter moaned, cupping his hand over his eye.

"Don't ever touch her, you bastard," Jacob said.

"I won't touch her," he managed to say.

"Good," Jacob said, grinning with pride, "I'm done here."

He motioned for me to come with him.

"Wait," I said, "don't think you're the hero just yet, man."

I walked up to Dexter taking the flashdrive from his hand and slapping him.

"That's for trying to rape me," I said.

I slapped him again.

"And that's for making a sex tape."

 I smiled and walked out of the room.

"You know how to fight," I said, punching Jacob's arm, "kinda."

He nodded in pride.

"You ok?" he asked, "I mean... obviously since it was Dexter... you're used to it... but seriously, are you ok?"

"Calm down," I said, "yeah, I'm fine."

"Good," he said, "and that's sex tape of us right?"

He pointed to the flashdrive.

"Yeah," I said, "he's an ass."

"Yeah he is... and..."

"And," I said, "we're gonna break whatever this is... as in no more sneaking around and stuff like that."

"I'll try to make it work with Stacey," he said, "'cause I mean... she's cute and pretty fun. So, for you, I'll try and make it work."

"Ok," I said, "thank you for being a good friend."

"Do you need anything else?" he asked, sarcastically.

"A hug," I said, pouting, "please."

He smiled, gently pulling me in for a hug. I buried my face in his neck, smiling, holding back some completely unnecessary tears. I broke his embrace and smiled.

"Thank you, Jakey," I said, "you're my bastard forever, right?"

"Yeah," he said, laughing a bit, "and you're my bitch, right?"

I nodded. He kissed my cheek, and we both walked opposite ways.

The End

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