Going Out, Making OutMature

Stacey told him the whole story after stalling for a half hour.

"Ok," he said, "thanks. That's all I needed."

"Are you mad?" she asked.

"Nah. I practically screwed every girl here. It doesn't make a difference."

"Ok? But, I thought we... you know..."

Oh, please, Stace... don't do anything stupid. Jacob's a confusing little bitch. He doesn't mean anything he does. And... what he said bothered me. I knew he was a man-whore... but was he playing me, too?

"I like you, Stace," he said, "but, I wanna know you better."

"Then take me out," she said, "I mean, obviously we don't have to have sex... just a simple date."

"Fine. To dinner then. I'll pick you up tonight... at seven."

"It's a school night," I said, stupidly, but I didn't care.

He smiled at me... in that I-know-what-you-mean type of smile.

"Tommorrow's Memorial Day," he said, "and we don't have classes."

I rolled my eyes.

"See you tonight," he said, to Stacey.

"Yeah," she said, shyly.

He left, closing the door behind him.

"Yay!" she said, happily.

"Yay," I mumbled.

"You ok, Hales? I thought you would be happy for me."

"I am... I am... I'm just tired. I have a massive headache."

"Hales," said Grace, grinning, "I really know what's aching right now."

"I'll go get some Tynenol," Stacey said, leaving.

"You're heart," Anne Marie said.

"No, I was actually thinking vag," Grace said.

"Shut up," I said, "please."

Grace laughed.

"You should tell her. Even though Jacob doesn't show it honestly, he likes you... a lot. I know you can't trust him 'cause he' s dick... but he's stupid and he's just trying to make you jealous."

"I know," I groaned, "he just makes me crazy. He's so confusing. I'll kill him before anything happens."

"Got the Tynenol, dollface," Stacey chimed.

"Thanks," I said.

I took a pill and then went to take a long hot shower. I slipped into a short yellow romper and sandals. My hair was straight today and I brushed on some make-up. Gawgeous. Just kidding. And now, I had to go murder Jacob.

"I'll be back," I said, throwing my things into the room.

"Where are you going?" Stacey asked.

"The library... I need a new book... or something. I'll see you guys later... maybe for lunch."

"Bye, sweetie," Anne Marie said.

"Bye, darling."

I blew them a kiss. I walked to the E-ground to the boys' dorm. I knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" said someone.

"Open the goddamn door first," I said, angrily.

"It's Hales," I heard someone else say.

Dan opened the door.

"Hola chiquita," he said.

"Oh look, someone knows Spanish. Now, move."

"Damn, someone's a little bitchier than usual."

He stepped aside.

"Put your shirt on. There's a girl in your nasty room. Have some respect," I said, shaking my head.

"Like you do," he said, crashing on his bed.

"Where's the bastard?" I asked.

Jacob got out from underneath his covers. He jumped off his bed. Frankie was still snoring and Griffin was watching T.V. He nodded his head at me.

"What an unpleasant surprise," he said, grinning widely.


"Hey, she asked me."

"You could've said you were busy or something. God, I hate you. And that's why I brought my pocketknife."

I searched through my pockets, looking for the small knife I always carried around for backup.

"Hold up," Dan said, "before you murder Jacob... can you tell my why? I don't want someone to die in my dorm room."

"She's mad 'cause I got a date with Stacey tonight."

"Why are you mad? She's like your BFF," Dan said, saying BFF in a girly voice.

"I know... but..."

"We had super hot sex last night," Jacob, said, nodding to ensure that is was true.

"You two did it? Holy crap... that's hot man. You're apart of some love triangle with two of the... 1, 2, 3... 50 hottest girls on campus!"

I middle-fingered them both.

"Jakey," I said, angrily.

I looked at his messy bed. Yup. A Playboy magazine rested on his pillow. What a dusche.

"You guys are all just... ass holes that can go suck each others' dicks," I said.

"We're not gay," Griffin said.

"Shut up, Purple," I said.

"Do not tell Stacey," I said, to all of them, "swear."

"We swear," Griffin said.

"And Jacob," I said, "come with me."

"Ooooo, someone's in trouble," Dan joked.

I grabbed Jacob's arm and pulled him outside.

"You don't wanna go out with me," he said, "and I forgot about last night... ignoring the fact that I just told Dan... but he doesn't count. We're starting over, remember? And you want me with Stacey."

"Don't say that," I said, "because I'm confused, Jake."

"Well, I'm not gonna cancel. I'm not that evil."

"I know," I whined, "I wish you were... because I... I..."

"What?" he said, a smile forming on his soft and sweet lips.

"I... could kill you then," I whispered.

I led him to an isolated corner that could not be seen by the others.

"You like me," he whispered, "and you want me."

"Gross, no," I said, pushing him away.

But he pulled me back again.

"Why does this kind of thing only happen when I do something with Stacey?"

"Well, if you mean me being pissed at you... it's just your stupid and a jerk. And I'm not having sex with you again. And I won't... quote 'I screwed practically every girl here. It doesn't make a difference to me.' How bitchy can you be?"

"That's why you're really mad? I only said that because... I didn't really care if people thought I screwed Stacey. Because she's just one of those girls to me. But, I really care about you. And last night meant a lot. I actually... wanted it."

"So the rest of them were just a passtime? You have sex for fun? You're like inviting a lovely little STD. God, you're clean right?"

"Yeah," he said, "I'm fine. Unless you..."

"No. Shut up. Jakey," I said, "I wish this could work out. But there are so many things you don't know about me."

Things like me... having to do with Julia and Adam that is. But, I would tell him when the time was right. I was just afraid.

"Oh, yeah," he said, "like what?"

"That... I think you're hot," I whispered, biting his lip.

My arms were wrapped around his neck, our bodies pressed against each other. He was leaning against the bright white wall.

"I knew that," he whispered, "everyone does. I think... some guys have crushes on me."

"You're so full of yourself. You're not that hot."

"Oh really? 'Cause that's what you kept saying last night... 'shit, you're hot', 'crap, my shoes are outside', and... 'If I was a guy... I would be having a major boner right now'."

"Ok, I did not say the last one."

"I swear to God, you did."

"Did not," I whispered.

"Did too," he said back.

"You're a bitch, you know that?"

"And you're my sexy little bastard."

I leaned in to kiss him. He pulled back.

"It's pretty hot we have to do this in secret," he said.

"Forbidden love, crap? Seriously?"

"Yeah... you're right... but it's still hot."

I kissed him again, my fingers twisting into his messy hair. And I knew it was wrong, but what the hell? It wasn't like they were officially boyfriend or girlfriend. And knowing me, I get what I want.

The End

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