Screw ItMature

"Tommorow's the day," Anne Marie said.

"May 29th," I said, rubbing lotion on my legs.

"Is there a ceremony?" Grace asked.

"No. Students'll probably just visit the memorial. Are we going?"

"No way in hell. We can't and we won't. Well, I won't. I don't know about you guys," I said, feeling my heart pound fiercly.

"Yeah, probably not," Grace said.

"It's not our fault, ok?" Anne Marie said, biting her lip, "Remember, Julia killed herself. We had nothing to do with it. And Adam... Adam was a lunatic."

"Annie, he didn't have any mental problems. Sure, he was kinda weird. But..." I said.

"Can we not talk about this?" she said.


Grace looked nervous. We heard footsteps by the door, suddenly. Was someone listening to our conversation? Holy crap.

"Who's there?" Anne Marie called.

The footsteps now sounded distant.

"Shit," I whispered.

I opened the door slowly. I almost screamed when I saw a drunk Stacey standing in the doorway. Jacob came up behind her, panting.

"She kinda ran," he said, cathcing his breath.

"Why?" I asked, helping her inside.

"She told me she saw something and started screaming. She was scared so I tried to calm her down... and she ran."

"What? Did you try to kiss her?"

"No," he said, "do you have water?"

Grace opened the mini-fridge and gave him a bottle. He gulped it down. He looked like a model fresh out of a magazine, kinda sweaty, smelling delicious, and hot.

"Shit," he whispered.

"Did you see something?" Anne Marie asked.

"No, why?"

"No reason," I said.

Jacob didn't know. And he didn't need to. I didn't want him involved in this.

"Ok," he said, "are you guys ok?"

I saw Stacey passed out on her bed. Grace tucked her in.

"Yeah, we're fine. I wanna talk to you... though."

I closed the door behind me.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"11:30... today's Saturday... so curfew's at 12."

"Ok," I said.

"Ok... I'll start. Hales, tonight was mad fun and hot... really hot and_"

"Remember... I own a knife."

"I'm not sayin' anything like that. I just wanted to say that I don't want you to be mad at me. So, I'll forget about it."


He nodded. But... it felt wrong. I didn't want him to forget.

"But," I said, "before you forget... answer some of my questions."


"Why don't you want me to be mad at you?"

"Because... I like you and I don't want you to hate me. 'Cause if you hate me... I won't be able to_"

"Do what? Kiss me? Tell me that you like me? Talk to me?"

"I don't know. All I know is that I like you... a lot. And I don't wanna lose you. If I can't be your boyfriend... I wanna at least be friends..."

"Who had sex... isn't that awkward?"

"You told me to forget about that. Shit, you're messing with my head. You're confusing me. What do you want, Hales?"

"I want you to be happy. But, I want Stacey to be happy, too. And I know that once you get to know her... you'll be happy with her."

"What about you? Are you gonna be happy?"

He placed his hand on mine.

"Oh," I said, pulling my hand back, scratching my head, "I'll find someone."

He smiled.

"Fine. Screw everything."

I waited.

"Say it," I said.

"Just like I screwed you," he mumbled, sucking his lips in.

Like I said, I knew my boy.

The End

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