Leaving is the Best Thing to DoMature

I was scared to get up. But I wanted to beat him up. And too bad this wasn't rape. It was actually my fault. I got myself together.

"Jacob!" I shouted.

He bolted upwards, looking scared.

"Crap, I thought it was my mom. Shit, you scared me."

"I'm not sorry," I said, getting out of the bed.

I felt like I had sand in my bikini bottom.

"What's wrong?"

"I don't know, um, we just had sex!"

"Right," he said, smiling stupidly.

"This didn't happen," I said, "ok."

"Yeah it did... twice, baby," he whispered.

"Um, no, you son of a bitch. Once. The other time didn't count!"

"Whatever makes your day."

"Turn around," I said, "on your knees."

"What? Why?"

"Just do it," I said.

He followed my orders and I kicked his ass.

"Ow," he said, rubbing the area that I just violated, "what was that for?"

"For being a jerk," I said.

And I placed my hand on his cheek and kissed him.

"And what about that?" he asked, dazed.

"For being good in bed," I whispered, brushing my lips against his.

"Shit," he said, "this is why I don't need Viagra."

"I hate you, though," I said, gathering my things.

"Why? I know this isn't your first time... in bed. You lost your freaking virginity with Dexter."

"Don't remind me. He's nasty..."

"Good... and I'm not, right?"

"No. Definitely not. But, I feel really guilty. And I know I shouldn't have kissed you right now, but... I'm like bipolar or something. But, seriously, I'm not talking to you. You're supposed to be with Stacey. What kind of best friend does this?"

"Apparently, you."

"And this is why I hate you. Good-bye Jacob. I'm leaving. You're gonna need to find a ride with someone."


"Bye, Jakey," I said.

I walked back to the beach. I grabbed my bag, sliding into my shorts and sweatshirt. I looked for Grace and Anne Marie. I first saw Jacob, running his long fingers through his messy hair. He bumped into me, purposely.

"You hit my boob, you bitch," I said, groaning.

"Sorry," he said, winking, "I'll get a ride with Dexter, for your information."

"Have fun," I said.

"Why are you mad at me?"

"I'm mad at both of us."


"Because... I liked it. I wanted it. And now I regret it because I was an idiot. And you... you're being a bitch about it. And you had to kiss me in the first place. I didn't want you to."


"I did... kinda. But, I knew it wouldn't end up being pretty."

"You're pretty," he whispered, pushing a strand of hair back.

"Shut up. Go find Stacey and be good to her... bring her home with you. And please, please, please forget about tonight."

"I can't. I told you... I'm not gonna give up. And I won't forget. Damn, that was hot."

"Totally Oscar-worthy. Bye, Jacob... again."

"I'll take Stacey with me, though," he called, "just to do something nice."

"Fuck you," I said back, flashing a fake grin.

"We're going back to school," I said, pulling Grace away from Dexter.

"Oh, da-yamn," Dexter said.

"Shut up, ass hole. Grace, let's go. Where's Anne Marie?"

She shrugged.

"Hold on a sec," Dexter said, "my car's not full yet, sexy. Grace can come with me."

I looked at her.

"I'm going with her," she said, "you're obviously drunk."

"I am not. And by the time I leave I'll be good. I'm not drinking anymore."

There was a beer can in his hand. I raised my eyebrows, looking at him.

"After this," he said, gulping it down.

"Bye, Dex," I said.

Grace went to the car.

"Hold up," he said.

I started to walk away, ignoring him. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me toward him.

"Let go," I said, firmly.

"Hold on," he said, "hold on."

His breath smelt like Bud's Light and it was a complete turn off. I waited for him to say something.

"Stay," he whispered.

"Ewww, why?"

"I want you to. Are you mad at me or something?"

"No. You just piss me off."

I kicked his leg hard, making him let go of my wrist.

"Ouch, mother f-er," he said.

I found Anne Marie glued to Griffin's face. I tapped on her shoulder, awkwardly. She opened her eyes and saw me. She pulled back.

"Are you coming now?"

"Yeah, I feel tired."

"Griffin, honey," I said, smiling, "you have lipgloss all over you. I think you should go wash your face. And... are you coming?"

"Nope... Dexter's my ride, then. I don't wanna leave yet."

"Ok," I said.

I pulled Anne Marie along and we walked back to the car.

"What about Stacey?" Grace asked, leaning against Jenna.

"She'll come with Jacob."

"Are you jealous?" she said, grinning.

"Yes. I'm so jealous. I wanna go kill myself because Jacob's gonna bring her back to school. I'm raging," I said, sarcastically.

"Bitch. What's with the attitude?"

"I don't know," I said.

I shoved the key in the ignition and drove back to school.

The End

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