Jealousy Must DieMature

"Do you ever wonder what the guys do at this hour?" Stacey asked, sitting on her bed.

"No, and I don't want to know."

"Oh, c'mon."

Since every room had four people occupying it, Griffin, Dan, Jacob, and Frankie (who doesn't have the same lunch period as us), were in the same room. She called their room number. The boys dormitory was on the E-ground and was building 1, so she dialed E1358, 358 being their room number. She put it on speaker. Grace was onto another magazine and Anne Marie was changing. I sat on my bunk with my cozy black shorts and big t-shirt.

"Hello?" someone said sleepily.


"Who the hell is this?"

"Oh my god, don't be rude... who's this?"

"Answer me first."

"No you."

"Holy fucking god, it's Jacob. You probably called the wrong number."

"Too bad there's no caller ID," I said.

I grabbed the phone.

"Don't be rude, bitch. That's what the damn girl said. Now be nice or I'll come over there and kick your ass."

"Hales? Why the hell are you calling? It's like five in the morning."

My heart leaped. He knew it was me.

"Here," I whispered, throwing the phone towards her.

She gave it back to me.

"Tell him to hang up," she said, nervously.

"Hang up... oh wait, shit. Jakey... I mean, Jacob, Stacey wanted to call you... and say... hi. Sorry to wake you up."

"You should be sorry. It's five in the fucking morning."

"It's not my fault, bi-otch. We were just messing around. God, stop acting like such a baby."

"I'm not a baby. I'm 17."

"Suck my dick," I said.

"Suck mine 'cause, guess what? I actually have one."

Stacey glared at me.

"Gotta go, bye," I said, quickly.

I handed the phone to her.

"He knew it was you," she said, solemnly.

"My voice is obvious, honey. It's like an angel's calling to you. It's not my fault. It's God's. He gave me this voice."

I sounded like a complete retard. She laughed.

"Whatever," she said, "I just hope he doesn't hate me for this."

"I don't think he will. He'll probably hate me."

"Nah. He won't. You guys were joking around..."

"So were you two. You guys would make an adorable couple."

"Sure," she said, "well, I'm gonna go to bed."

Anne Marie entered the room. Grace was asleep now, missing the whole conversation between Jake, Stacey, and me.

"Miss Anne Marie has arrived," I announced, climbing the ladder up to my bed.

She held her feather hot pink boa tight.

"Kiss my ass, Haley," she said.

"Kiss mine... 'cause, bitch, you know I actually got room on mine."

"You tellin' me I don't have an ass?"

I shook my head with attitude.

"You bitch," she said, middle-fingering me.

"Love you, honey."

"Love you too, cutie."

She went into her bed. I saw her feather boa drop and I turned off the lights near my bed.


The alarm rang and I wanted to hurl it on the floor and watch it break. I would laugh at its pain and misery. I would watch the damn thing die. Holy crap. Did I just have that sardonic and sadistic thought? Damnit, I did. I just used two big words. Yay for me.

I climbed down the ladder, groaning. I decided I needed to wake up before 1, even though it was a Saturday. I needed to get my school stuff straight. I grabbed my binder off the desk, taking out the extra papers and throwing them out. It was exactly 10:00. I barely got five hours of sleep. I'd take a nap later. I tied my hair up in a high ponytail, grabbing my brush, towel, and other necessities for a good shower and a clean mouth. It got cold with the air conditioner on all the time. Washing my face with only Clean and Clear, brushing my teeth with ONLY Aquafresh, and peeing in the same stall everyday was my routine. I washed my hair with my favorite coconut milk shampoo and conditioner. After slipping into my Daisy Duke denim shorts and purple v-neck with my yellow and white polka-dot bikini underneath. I needed to go to the beach today. The weather was nice and the beach was nearby. Or at least the pool on campus. I mean, living in California certainly had some advantages. I blow-dried my hair, my blonde beach waves falling to my chest. Sexy, huh? I applied my make-up, a rim of black eyeliner enhancing my eyes and some mascara. Nothing much, you see. I wasn't some crazy blue-eye-shadow- is-super-duper-sexy-especially- if- you- apply- it- all- the-way- above -your- eyebrows type of person. I grabbed my things and went back, placing them wherever they belong and sighed. I wanted to open the curtains, but the light would burn their poor little eyes. I hated being awake. But it was my goal to be an early-bird. My stomach growled. I walked outside. A bunch of girls were awake, eating cereal and pancakes, but they weren't the type of people I talked to like that. I poured myself some orange juice and spread creamcheese on half a bagel.

"Someone's up early," said Liz Fern, an annoying but sweetish girl that had a major crush on every single guy in the school.

"Yeah, I didn't want to sleep to late," I said, "I had some stuff to do."

"Oh ok," she said, "anyway, Francesca Palermo is having a party at the beach today... she told me to tell you guys to come. And the boys. We want the boys."

"Ok," I said, "um, sure..."

"Wear a bikini unless you wanna swim in your bra and underwear. Which would be weird."

"Ok, Liz..."

"Alrighty... hugs and kisses!"

What a perky, preppy psychotic freak? I ate my breakfast, looking at the time. That's it. It was time for them to wake up. I walked back to the room, opening the curtain.

"Rise and shine, darlings!"

They moaned.

"Deal with it, bitches. It's almost 11:30. There's a party today at the beach... and we're invited."

"Awesome," Grace moaned, "go to sleep."

"I'm awake and you have to be too. I'm bored."

I whined until one of them got out of bed and went to the bathroom. The rest followed. I heard a guy scream outside "PARTY, BITCHES!" Jacob. I walked outside. The four annoyances. Jacob winked at me. He came toward me. Francesca stood up.

"Bring a shirtless date, girls!" she said.

"A date? What the fuck?" I mumbled.

"Would you wanna go out with me?" Jacob asked, for the bazillionth time.

"Today? For the party? No. Please, if I go out with you Stacey'll never forgive me."

"But, I don't like Stacey. I mean, I like her... as a friend. But, I want you."

"No," I whispered, placing a hand on his face, "I can't."

He bit his lip and smiled.

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing," he said.

"Fine, don't tell me."

"Good, there's nothing to tell."

I stuck my tongue out at him. He stuck his out too. Stacey walked out of the bathroom. Francesca repeated her "message".

"Yo, Stacey!" he called.

"Yeah?" she said, blushing.

"Wanna go out with me?" he shouted.

She nodded, nervously. He smiled in my face and left to go talk to her.

"What a bastard," I whispered.

But, some relief poured through me.

"Francesca," I said, "do you need a date?"

"Yes. Are you having trouble? I totally understand."

"I'm not having trouble," I said, through my teeth, "I was just asking."

"You don't have to. But..."

"Ok," I said, "thank you."

I saw Frankie, looking cute with his sandy, tousled hair and deep brown eyes.

"Frankie," I said, pouting, "will you be my date?"

"Sure," he said, smiling.

"Are you smiling because I asked you? Or because you're my last resort?"

"I'm your last resort. You, of all people, don't have a date."

"People are dying to go out with me. But I denied their offers. Puh-lease. I wanted you and I got you."

"Whatever makes your day, babe," he said.

"Babe?" I called, watching him leave.


The eight of us got in Jenna, most of on the edge, some of us in laps... but we got in. Jacob was driving and I sat, curled up on my seat. The rest of them in the back talked.

"What's wrong?" he asked, a smile in his voice.

"Huh?" I said, not paying attention.

"I asked you if you're ok..."

"I'm fine. You just suck at driving Jenna."

"You can't even turn without hitting something so I wouldn't be talking."

"How rude!" I exclaimed and I looked back, "Guys, I turn good right? Like, I'm good at driving?"

"No," Dan said, "you scare the shit out of me when you drive."

Griffin continued to make-out with Anne Marie, but they both gave me thumbs down.

"You suck," Grace said, grinning widely.

"You can't even drive a bumper car... sooo..." Frankie said, shrugging.

"Thanks for being truthful," I said, sarcastically.

I pouted. Jacob pouted too.

"Is there anything else bothering you?"

"Nope," I said, feeling the wind run through my hair.

The sun was bright and it felt good on my skin. He pulled in.

"Keys," I said, stretching my hand out.

He gave them to me, smiling. He helped Stacey get out of the car. She had told me to sit in the front because apparently he made her nervous. How cute. I grabbed my tote and laid my towel out on the beach.

"Hey guys," Franceca said.

It was just a beach hangout type of thing. People weren't really paying attention to each other. I spread my towel out and placed my things on the sand. After tying my hair up in high ponytail, middle-fingered Jacob.

"Do you have suntan lotion?" he asked, smiling, "Stacey needs help with her back... and she ran out."

"Yeah," I said, "I got lotion. But I need it for myself."

"Do you need help? 'Cause I'm sure Frankie'll help you."

I threw the bottle at him, hitting his balls.

"I forgot I had an extra."

"Owwwww," he moaned, clutching his junk, falling to the floor.

"Oh my god, Jacob," Stacey said, sincerely worried, "are you ok?"

"Ask Hales," he said, struggling to say words.

She looked at me.

"He didn't catch the bottle. I was just giving it to him."

I grinned. He managed to get up.

"Ok," he said, "do you want me to rub your neck?"

"Sure," she said, "I'd like that."

She was wearing a slip-on tube dress that looked adorable on her. He spread lotion on her neck. I unzipped my shorts, letting them fall to the ground and slipped out of my shirt. I could see him watching me.

"Frankie," I called, with my extra bottle.

He smiled and I kissed his cheek.

"Can you please help me?"

"Gladly," he said, "as long as it bothers Jacob."

He said the last part quietly.

"What?" I whispered.

"C'mon," he said, "look at his face."

"You're lookin' constipated, Jake!" I shouted.

He started to massage her shoulders and collar bone.

"Oh, that feels good," she moaned.

He smiled.

"Does this bikini make my boobs look good?" I asked Frankie softly.

"Yeah," he said, looking at my chest, "really good."

"Ok, eyes off the jugs."

"Right," he said, grinning.

I got up. I wasn't about to take off my bikini, but talk about some tattoo I was getting there... but I looked how happy Stacey was. She was giggling at every idiotic and stupid thing he said and she was actually enjoying herself. I couldn't do this to her. And it shouldn't bother me because I didn't like Jacob. Let me make myself clear, I DO NOT LIKE JACOB SANDERS. I smiled at her and then him, slightly, wishing that he genuinely liked her. Maybe he did. Maybe he would. Stacey was very lovable.

I slipped into my shirt and went to get a beer. I needed some type of cool-down.

"So," Francesca said, "I pooled together some money and rented the beach house over there. You know... if you ever feel it necessary to use it with Frankie or whoever else... feel free."

"Ok, thanks," I said.

She smiled, taking a beer for herself. I held my knees against my chest on the chair. The sun was setting. There was a nice bonfire in the making. I sipped my beer, wishing everything would work out. Grace came by.

"Looking a bit bored," she said, "sip please..."

She took my can and took a gulp.

"Should I be happy for Stacey? I mean, are you?" I asked.

"No. It doesn't seem right. They have like nothing in common and...  she's more of a serious no-risk girl... you know after that night... so..."

"It affected her the most, huh?"

"I would think so. I mean..."

"Yeah... yeah... but..."

"But what?"

"Is she happy with Jake?"

"I don't know. Maybe. But if it's not meant to be... it's not meant to be. I don't know, sweetie. Where'd ya get the beer?"

"It's in the cooler," I mumbled.

"Thanks," she said, patting my head and leaving.

Frankie sat next to me.

"Hey," I said.

"I bet you he's gonna kiss her," he said, "he will. He wants you to break."

"He won't kiss her. He doesn't have the guts."

He looked at me for a long time.

"You're talking about the guy who kissed that hot substitute teacher that one time in drama. He said it was "acting". Remember?"

"Yeah, but this is different. She's not some teacher... she's a friend to him. He actually knows her. And he knows that she likes him... a lot."

"Wanna bet?"

"How much?"

"50 dollars, baby," Frankie said.

"Fine. It's a bet."

We shook hands and watched.

"He's gonna do it... in like five minutes. He's gonna go get her food."

We watched him take some food on a plate. And as he handed it to her, gently swooped down and kissed her.

"I believe I made me some 50 bucks," Frankie said, smiling.

"Oh my god," I said, "he is such an ass!"

I texted him.

Meet me by the beach house, bi-otch.

I waited for a reply.

Sure thing, baby.

I walked to the house, phone in my hand. Frankie was laughing in joy. I waited for him.

"So," Jacob said, "what's up?"

"Shut up," I said, "so you had to stoop that low?"

"What did I do wrong?" he said, innocently.

"Don't talk to me like that, fucking ass hole."

"Are you talking about me kissing her? Well, you wanted me to go out with her."

"What's her favorite color?"

"Turqouise," he asnwered.

"No. That's my favorite color. Her's is pink. What's her favorite movie?"

"Singin' in the Rain."

"Do you know anything about her? Or just about me?"

I crossed my arms across my chest.

"I don't know," he whispered.

"So, why'd you kiss her?"

He shrugged and grinned.

"I can't believe you kissed Stacey just to make me jealous, you son of a bitch."

"Well, did it work?"

"Extremely," I said.

He smiled, pulling me closer to him and kissed me. I wrapped my legs around his waist.

"I wanna take my shoes off," I moaned.

"Go ahead," he whispered, helping me out of my shirt.

I was breathing hard, feeling his hands on my body. I didn't want whatever happened next to happen... but it did.






The End

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