"We are so dead," Grace said, nervously biting her cherry-red nails.

Anne Marie, walked out of the bathroom as we passed it, fixing her hair.

"You look like a mess," I said, handing her a comb.

I saw Griffin run the opposite way.

"She looks like a slut, you mean," Grace told me.

"Shut up, "Anne Marie said.

"You are such a bitch."

"I know."

"Would you two shut the fuck up?"

They groaned. I wished Stacey was here. That would be the only way I could ignore them. I tied my hair up into a high ponytail, and fixed the make-up surrounding my navy blue eyes.

"Shitlord," Anne Marie whispered, looking at how short her skirt was.

"Who the hell says shitlord?" I mumbled.

She ignored me, trying to pull her skirt down.

"Please tell me you're wearing underwear," I said, making sure I was.

Yup, my Hello Kitty panties smiled at me.

"I think I left them in the bathroom."

"Holy crap," Grace said, "this is disgusting."

Anne Marie asked if I carried around an extra pair of panties. Obviously not.

"Weirdo," I chimed.

Anne Marie groaned, squeezing her legs together, trying to walk normally. Grace opened the office door. We pushed Anne Marie in first, trying to squeeze through the door together.

"Hello, girls," said Mrs. Vanderbrook, "please take a seat."

We sat on the cushioney chairs by her desk. She smiled at us.

"Your roomate, Stacey Michaels, is returning today. You probably don't know why she went to Seattle suddenly, right?"

"Yes, m'am," Anne Marie answered for us.

"Good, that's how it's supposed to be. I called you down here to tell you not to question her or ask her how her trip's been. I am just giving you permission to pick her up this evening. I expect you three will be back late. You probably have some type of cathcing up to do."

We nodded.

"Ok," she said, writing us a pass so the guard would let us in at  night, "have fun."

I smiled, taking the three passes. We left the office.

"What a freak," Grace mumbled.

"No, duh? She seems suspicious of something. Like we murdered someone or something..."

"Which we didn't," I butted in, feeling nervous.

"Of course," Grace said.


After school, I went back into the dorm with Anne Marie and Grace. There were two  bunkbeds in the room. Grace slept on a top bunk, with Stacey on the bottom bunk. I slept on the top bunk with Anne Marie on the bottom. Jake and I had fallen asleep on Stacey's bed and I hoped she wouldn't mind.

"I feel like we're in deep shit," Anne Marie said, unbuttoning her shirt sitting on the bed in her cami and skirt.

"Why?" Grace asked, still in her uniform.

Anne Marie shrugged.

"Annie, honey," I said, "shut up. We're fine. Nobody knows anything."

I climbed to the top bunk, changing into my denim shorts and loose, white transparent tank top. My red and white polkadot bra was visible. Obviously, that didn't matter since we were all really close. But it did matter when Jake came in. Well, not to me. But to him. Grace opened the door when he knocked.

"So," he said, glancing at our clothes on the ground, "we're not gonna be able to work on the report tonight, right?"

"No, I gotta pick up Stacey. But, we could work on it now. I totally forgot about that. Sorry, my Jakey-poo."

I jumped off my bed, landing on my feet (luckily).

"Please don't do anything now," Grace said, "I got enough from Anne."

"We're not," I said.

I grabbed my laptop bag and sat on the floor with Jake, who was dressed in a white v-neck and jeans, looking hot as usual. His deep green eyes and dark hair entranced me. He was beautiful. I lost myself for sec. Sorry.

"Where's Grif?" Anne Marie asked.

"I don't know. In his room, probably. You're pretty stupid, Annie."

"Um, please. Look at you."

She stormed out of the room. Grace watched her leave and then looked at us.

"This is awkward," she said, "I'm gonna go to the lobby."

"Why is this awkward?" I asked.

She shrugged and left, too. Jake grinned at me.

"Don't you dare look at me like that," I said, typing.

"I'm not doing anything," he said.

I felt his warm, soft fingers run down some of my bare back.

"You're doing that," I whispered.

I started to type, ignoring the fact that I really wanted to kiss him. He brushed my hair back.

"You know, you smell really good today?"


"Really. You smell good all the time."

"Shut up and help me," I said.

He took the laptop and typed a little. And I looked at him. I wanted him. But I remembered Stacey had a major crush on him since first grade. She was oblivious to the way we acted around each other. And the sad thing was that he knew she liked him too.

"You know," I said, saving our work, "since Stacey is coming back today, you can't act like this around me."

"Act like what?"

"Act like you like me and stuff."

I was getting pissed.

"I don't like you."

"Um, yes you do."

"How do you know?"

He was grinning.

"You always stare at me... always stare at me with those green eyes. And you talk to me like this. And... yesterday..."

"You wanted yesterday to never have happened..."

"But... eww, shut up..."

"Admit it, you like me."

"I don't. And I'll never. We just have to finish this report."

I reached for the laptop, but he stopped me.

"Jakey," I whined, to annoy him.

"Haley," he whined, back.

Ignoring the fact that Stacey was devoted to him, I kissed him. And he kissed me back, passionately. Tongue involved. I held his face in my hands. He moved to my neck, helping me slip out of my tank top. He kissed the fabric that held my bra together. His lips felt nice against mine and my skin. I heard him breathe hard. And for once, I felt like giving into him. But I couldn't and I didn't. I pulled back.

"What's wrong?" he asked, sincerely worried.

"Stacey," I said, "and us."

The End

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