Kill Me SoftlyMature

A body. Friends. And a secret. What else?

I tried moving in bed, but I couldn't. Someone or hopefully something was blocking me. I moved my hands aimlessly in the air. Nope. It was someone. I could hear him breathing against me. And I was going to kill him. I woke up, looking at Jake, still in his boxers (thank God, though... where were his clothes?) snoring softly. His arm was around me. It felt nice to be held like this, but I would not let myself fall into his trap. I knew Jake. I knew every little detail about him. I slapped his hand.

"Ouch," he said, getting up, releasing me from his grip.

"Why did you sleep here?" I asked, "I told you sleep on the floor, you idiot!"

"It was cold," he said, pouting.

"Nice excuse," I said, getting off the bed, fixing myself.

He laughed. I hated how cute he sounded when he did. But, I wouldn't let him lure me in. What a bitch.

"Oh my darling, darling, Jacob," I said, "did we finish the report? Or did we fall asleep?"

"We fell asleep," he said, "obviously."

"Oh my god. Why?"

"Because, you were tired, even though I was doing all the work."

"And you didn't leave?"

"You told me to stay, remember? We kinda made-out."

"There, I did my work. What time is it?"

"Almost 7. Shit, almost 7!"

"Classes start at... 8. You have to get out. Choose. The window or the door in your boxers. I'm not giving you time to put your clothes back on."

He chose the window. I watched him fall to the ground.

"Here are you clothes, darling Jakey," I said, throwing his t-shirt, shorts, and shoes down.

I grinned. He groaned, running across the lawn, half-naked. I ran my fingers through my blonde hair. I know I may have been rude or obnoxious to poor old Jake, but I needed to stay out of trouble. My roomie, Stacey, was returning from a two-day, two-night trip to Seattle. My other two roomates, Grace was with her lab partner all night doing a project, and Anne Marie, who probably spent the night with Griffin, her boyfriend. O la la, you may say. But when you saw them together, you may say... get a fucking room.

It was a Friday. The report wasn't due till Sunday (by e-mail), but I wanted to finish it beforehand. Ok, forget the explanation. I slipped into my black plaid skirt, white blouse, and long navy blue cardigan. I slipped into bright blue stockings and black Converse, knowing that it would be a long day. Holy Lord. Or holy shit. Whichever sounded better.

I walked out on the campus, fixing my tousled, wavy blonde hair.

"So," Anne Marie said, catching up to me, "Stacey's coming back today?"

"Yeah, you're coming with me to pick her up, right?"

"Obviously," she said, handing me coffee, "I missed her."

"So, how was Griffin?"

"You mean how's Griffin doing? Or how was he?"

"Second," I said, sipping my coffee.

"Good, really good."

"Ok," I said, "all I needed was the good."

She grinned, showing me the middle finger.

"So, I saw Jacob running across the main campus in his boxers. It was hilarious."

"I wish I saw it," I said, laughing to myself.

We sat on the bench, near homeroom. I sat cross-legged, making myself a very comfy chair for Dan, who came and sat on me just then.

"Ow," I whined, "you're heavy."

"Then eat more," he said.

He took my coffee, taking a big sip.

"You're a bastard," I said, "a really heavy one. You're breaking my legs!"

"Dan, you imbecile," Jacob's voice said, sounding like a smartass, "you know you can't treat ladies like this."

"You mean... whores?"

"Oh, I seem to have made a mistake. I meant whores who make guys run for their life out of a window naked..."

He looked at me and showed my the look.

"You had your boxers on."

"Someone pansed me."

Dan laughed, sliding off me.

"I'm sorry, Jakey," I said, pouting.

"I'll forgive you," he said.

He sat next to me on the bench. He was about to kiss me when the bell rang.

"Saved by the bell," he said, winking at me.

"As always," I said.

I stood up to leave.

"Jacob," I said.


"Come over tonight," I said, "we really need to finish the report."

"'K," he said, curtly.

But he smiled at me. And I smiled back.

The End

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