Chapter 6Mature

“What do you mean he knows your alive?” Darren was furious, he paced the room red faced. Tears were freely pouring out of my eyes.

“Oh, baby, don’t cry” my mum rushed to my side hugging me to her chest. I snuggled into her chest, not noticing when the glass case slipped out of my fingers. It whooshed through the air before, from the corner of my eye I saw Mike catch it before it hit the ground. He turned the glass around in his hands, gasping as he saw the love heart in stupid words I once wrote.

“Emily, you didn’t answer my question” Darren said, I could tell he was trying to hold in his anger but it was useless, he was so mad I could almost see steam coming from his ears.

“He knows because…because when we got…engaged…I wrote…that…” Darren took the glass from Mike and looked at the lily inside, “the last place I remember seeing that was in our…Daniel’s…room. It wasn’t there when I was looking in it before. He must have taken it. He wouldn’t have sent it unless-” I was cut of.

“Unless he was coming for you,” Crystal finished, “he must have took you message on the side seriously. He’s coming for you Emily.”

Panic stirred inside me, he can’t! I don’t want him any more. Did I? I couldn’t deny some part of me still wanted to be enveloped in his arms. No. I Hated him with a capital H. then why did my heart beat pick up when I smelt his strong scent still lingering on his pillows in his room? Why do my fingers itch to rub against his strong, chiseled chest?

“Emi-..Emily.....can…hear…me….listen….” I couldn’t hear whoever was talking to me. I only picked up parts of what they were saying as my heart beat faster and I started to shake. He couldn’t come after me. Because I knew that if h found me, if he caught me, I might go with him…willingly, “….need….get…..out….here….safe…place….Emily!” the shout brought me out of my thoughts. I looked into my father’s eyes as he knelt before me. He placed his hands on my cheeks gently, “were gonna hide out for a little bit, while we wait for Daniel to come and go. Ok? Then we go with your ‘lets-kill-him-until-he-feels-like-I-did’ plan”, he smiled and I gave a little laugh, “ your not strong enough yet to go through with your plan, le him come and see your not here then, when he goes maybe he will leave a track the pack can follow. Let’s go from there baby girl. How’s that?”

I nodded and stood up, hugging my father. He hugged me back affectionately, smiling into my hair. I felt a few drops of water fall onto my shoulder. He was crying. I rubbed his back, and I felt him smile wider before lifting his head to look at me.

“I love you baby girl, you know that right?” he asked me.

“’Cause I do daddy, love you too.” I replied, and hugged my dad again, he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before letting go on me and walking over to my mother.

“We should leave as soon as possible. There is no return address on the package but there was a date when it was sent. Daniel sent it last Wednesday, exactly a week. If he left after he sent it, then he should be here now, or soon from where ever he went it. It took long for the lily to get here but I won’t take much longer for Daniel.” Mike said strongly. He knew aswell as everyone else here that Daniel was fast on his paws, so he could be here any minute. Literally.

We all immediately went to our rooms, packing as much as we could into our suitcases. I yanked open my drawers and wardrobe, shoving in clothes and underwear. I would spend the time looking over them and remembering memories later, now I had to get the hell out of here. My dad was right; if Daniel came now I was neither, emotionally or physically ready to take him.

After I packed my clothes, some pictures, books and movies I went back downstairs. Everyone who lived in the pack house was waiting in the hall next to the door. Unlike other packs not many lived I out pack house. Only my family, Daniels parents, The Jaxon’s and Crystal’s family. My family used to live in a small cottage a mile away from here before my family found out about the secret the town held after Kyle’s father told mine.

My mother smile at me sadly before taking one of my suitcases and helped take it outside as the others opened the door, spilling out into the driveway. There were three black Range Rovers waiting for us. We all packed our case into the back of them before pilling into the different cars. Kyle’s father was driving the first one with his mother and Daniel’s parents. In the second I was with my parents, my father was driving; Crystal sat in the back with me. And in the third was Crystals parents with Darren and Kyle.

We pulled out of the gravel drive; I looked back at the house promising to come back soon. I turned back in my seat and laid my head on Crystals shoulder, “I promise,” she said to me, “I promise you’ll get your revenge…soon.” I smile at her before drifting of to sleep, me eyes slowly closing shut before darkness and dreams took over.

“Daniel!” I squealed and ran away from hi open arms as he chased after me.

“What?” he asked, “you don’t wanna play with me?” I stopped in my tracks and turned to his, smiling.

“I’m fifteen, your sixteen, I don’t think you ‘play’ anymore” I replied mockingly. He smiled back at me and took a step towards me.

“Ok then, how about we ‘hang’ together? I’ll take you out to see that stupid Twilight Eclipse film tomorrow and then I’ll take you out for dinner.” Daniel replied.

“Ok” I blushed knowing this was not a normal ‘hang’.

“Ok, it’s a date.” Daniel smiled and took another step towards me and he grabbed my hand, pulling me to him. He bent his head down, slowly inching towards me. His eyes fluttered close just as mine and I could feel his breath on my lips. I readied myself for the kiss that was coming, out lips barely touched as a voice shouted out, “what the hell’s going on? Daniel…Emily?” We both looked up at the house to see Darren at the back door. We looked back at each other, fear evident in our eyes. We were both in so much trouble.

“Ems…Emily…wake up honey, we are here…” I heard a distant voice say my name. I turned away from the source, groaning. I wanted to sleep and this person was depriving me of the right to. I gave a small ‘chuckle groan’ as I listened to how ‘poshly weird’ I sounded.

“Come on honey we have to go now!” the person shouted. I shot up, “what?” I opened my eyes to see my mother and Crystal in front of me. My mum was stood outside holding the car door open while Crystal lent over me to look at me.

“We’ve arrived at the safe house. We need to get inside so the boys can hide the cars” my mum told me. I smiled at her and nodded, accepting her hand to help me out of the car. I stepped out into darkness. “Be careful guys, I lead you” said Crystal; she grabbed our hands leading us through the darkness using her ability to see in the dark. Being a werewolf had its advantages.

After about twenty minutes of being led in the dark we came to a stop. We had been walking on pavement before but now my feet sunk a little in the ground, I heard sloshing beneath my feet as the rain came down around us. I guessed we were in some sort of forest or wood.

The moonlight gave me no idea of what my surroundings exactly looked like, it was blocked out by something, and barely any light reached us, barely enough to see the outline of my mum and Crystal. Crystal released my hand; I stumbled about scared and confused.

“Crystal?...Crystal? Where are you? Crystal!” I cried out for her as I stumbled around, confused. I didn’t know if I was going backwards or forward, left or right.

“Here! Give me a minute I’m opening the door for us!” I heard her shout back, she didn’t sound near. I was panicking trying to follow her voice but I felt like I was getting nowhere.

“Emily…” I heard a distant whisper. I spun round looking for the source. I felt the wind rush past me, making my hair float around me.

“Emily…” I could here it more clearly mow. It sounded like it was a man and he was getting closer. I started to freak out now; I tried running, twigs and branches scratching my arms, face and legs.

“Emily-” They were right behind me, “my love”


The End

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