Chapter 5Mature

The meal at Mollie’s was amazing as usual. Even though Mollie’s is a small, little known diner, there food is home cooked heaven. When we arrived home we sank into the couches, hands over our stomachs as if to hold in the overflowing food that filled us.

“Well that has been the best meal I have had in a very long time” Maria said, smiling. One of her dainty hands was held firmly in her husband’s large, strong ones, pleasant smiles on both their faces. They seemed happy I had accepted them.

“Well I’m going to pop a movie on. What do you all want to watch?” mom asked the food filled audience. Suggestions were shouted out

“After Earth!” Kyle 

“Hunger Games!” Crystal.

“Insidious 2!” Darren. Mummers around the room erupted at this and people nodded their heads in satisfaction.

“No!” I protested, I had had a dislike to horror films since one disastrous night with my brother and a brewing storm outside. “There is no way I am watching a horror film. I may have been dead for a year and not know what any of those films are but by the title I know that it is a horror film. There is no way you are fooling me. I may have died but my hate for horror stayed very well alive!”

No shock was present on my family’s faces; they probably expected an outburst from me at any hint of a horror film.

“What’s the Hunger Games?” people groaned around me as they realized that that was the night’s film. By the sound of it they had been roped into watching the film many times before.

Crystal squealed and jumped, answering my question with lots of enthusiasm, “It’s so amazing! Basically it’s a love triangle-battle to the death-gladiator slash Romeo and Juliet-slash-"

Darren interrupted, “slash some crappy romance that makes you want to puke.” Crystal pouted, annoyed that Darren had interrupted her rant.

“Let’s watch” I smiled at Darren happy that this annoyed him. He groaned and pretended to shoot me. He fell back into his seat before sitting up and saying, “I’m going. Got stuff to do.” Liar.

“No your not. You’re my pillow” I jumped on him, hugging myself to him, getting comfortable while Crystal placed the DVD in.

Two hours into the film, a few stray tears were rolling down mine and Crystals cheeks ad we whispered, “Don’t do it Katniss. Don’t eat the berries!” I swear I even saw tears form in Darren’s and Kyle’s eyes as one of the characters died. So much for them being macho men that ‘only cry when kicked where the sun don’t shine’.

“Well that was the longest two hours of my life” Darren stated as the credits rolled on, he stretched his arms above his head and sat up causing me to tumble to the floor. He chuckled and sat back down.

“You said that last time” Crystal said as she wiped the tears from her cheeks and I kicked Darren hard in the shin causing him to swear loudly.

“Darren! Language!” my mom scolded. I sniggered at hi and he frowned. “And don’t kick your brother Emily” my mom added. I stared at her open mouthed, “b-but-”

“No buts.” She stated. The whole room was red fro holding in their laughter at this point. I wanted to be angry at my mother for blaming me but we almost felt like a family again. I almost felt whole.


“I’ll get it” Mike said and rose from his seat and out the room. He returned a few minutes later with a brown cylinder parcel.

“For you Emily” Mike said nervously and concerned. I understood his feelings. Why would I have a package? No one new I was here, I thought. Had my family told anyone outside the pack about me coming back? Was it Mollie or Mikey that told someone I had returned from ‘South Africa’?

Mike place the package carefully in my hands as if it contained a bomb that would go of with any sudden movement.

“When I answered the door there was no one their, on the ground in front of my there was that, it was addressed to Emily Ryder on the side” Mike said. But I was too busy studying the package in my hands. It was long, brown and felt like cardboard like any other package you get in the mail but deeper it felt like something important lay beneath the paper and cardboard.

I lifted the lid on the cylinder carefully, silence surrounded me and Mike stopped talking mid sentence. I reached my hand in slowly Darren warning me, “maybe this isn’t the best idea-” but I had already made contact with whatever was inside the package. My fingers brushed against something smooth and hard. It was curved and as I reached my hand further down I realized that it continued down, straight. I pulled my hand back out bringing the contents with me.


The glass case was heavy but not so heavy that it took effort to hold it in the one hand I did. As I thought the top part was curved before curving down in to a straight cylinder shaped case. But inside the glass case is what shocked me the most.

Inside the glass case stood a perfectly preserved while lily. The flower had obviously been cut of at the stem which stood in a strong foam sort of stand at the bottom of the case. The lily was a pure white causing the green stem and yellow of the stamen (the long yellow bits in the middle of the plant) to clash in an array of calmness, something rare with plain colored flowers.

The flower was delicate no marking on it apart from on thing on the underside of the largest petal. Drawn in black ink was a large heart and written inside in delicate soft handwriting was: Em + Dan 4 Ever. It was written in black sharpie. The reason I knew this was because I wrote this.

The memory hit me hard, sucking me in as that day flashed through my mind.

“Hey Daniel” I smiled sweetly and place a slow passionate kiss on his lips. Before I could pull away Daniel pulled me onto his lap and grabbed my ass, holding me to him as he deepened the kiss even more. 

“You’re not getting away that easy, I’ve not seen you all day” Daniel groaned against my lips. He spread his hands up my shirt and onto my bare stomach, stroking my sides slightly. I could feel Daniel Jr. pocking me below and pulled my lips from Daniel and said “no, not now, my parents are in the other room and if I recall correctly so are yours.” Daniel groaned and nodded but didn’t release me from his hold as he returned to the paperwork on his desk.

We could spend many afternoons like this, Daniel completing pack work, experience for when he becomes beta when Kyle takes the Alpha position. I would sit with him, talk quietly to him, kiss, play with his hair and sometimes when he asked, I would sing for him. All these things brought us closer over the past year we met.

A few hours later Daniel finished with the pack work and we went for a walk through the woods. We left our shoes and Daniels shirt at the edge of the woods behind the pack house before setting off. The grass was soft beneath my bare feet tickling me slightly as we glided along the forest floor.

 “You know I love you don’t you Emily?” Daniel asked me, he seemed nervous. 

“Of course, I love you too” I smiled and kissed him gently on his cheek. He had a light shadow on his chin and around his mouth; he hadn’t shave in a while.

“Yes you do” Daniel mumbled to him self, lightly nodding his head.

“Daniel-” I started but cut of when Daniel let go of my hand and gently got down on one knee. He re-held my hand, placing in gently in his two large ones.

“Emily Woodsgrove. You are my mate, the love of my life. People ridiculed me, said I had bad luck to get a human mate. They said that a human mate was the weakest mate of all. But I disagree. You are the strongest, most beautiful girl I have met and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to die old with you; I want my heart beat to end the same time as yours because I know I will not be able to live a life without you. You are the reason I get up in the morning, work through hours of pack work because I know that when I’m done I will get to see your face, your smile, I get to lie by your side at night and hold you to me because your mine. My love. I want to be there to protect you and hold you when you cry. I want to love you for the rest of your life. So Emily Woodsgrove, will you marry me?”

Tears sprung to my eyes, no one had expressed such love to me, told me such beautiful things before in my life. I wanted Daniel. I wanted a life of everlasting love and I knew I would get that from Daniel. He was my mate, he could never hurt me.

But he did, I sobbed at the memory as it played in my head.

“Yes!” I screamed in delight and pounced on a kneeling Daniel, hugging him hard to me. He pulled away from me slightly to place a soft kiss on my lips and pull a small black box from his pocket. He opened it up and pulled out a small delicate ring. The ring itself looked like a small branch from a tree, curving around till it met in the middle where a small beautiful diamond was placed, shining in the light as it broke through the trees. I smiled as he placed the ring on my finger and we hugged and kissed again.

Soon we left the woods and returned home. We walked hand in hand to the kitchen were both our parents and the Jaxon’s were sat, eating dinner.

“Hello you two!” my mother greeted us as we walked through the back door. 

“Hi mom” I said quietly, still shocked and not knowing how we were going to go about this. Do I tell? Does Daniel? Both at the same time?

Daniel spoke first, “John, what would you say if I proposed the idea of marrying my daughter?” 

John- my father- stopped eating and looked at us, I noticed his eyes briefly glance at out intertwined hands and the ring that fit perfectly on my ring finger.

“I’d say that he’d better not break my little girls heart or I’ll break him. And that it took him long enough!” my dad chuckled and stood up walking over to Daniel to shake his hand.

“Congratulations!” Kyle’s mother, Mrs. Jaxon said standing up as well and came over and hugged us. The other followed suit, hugging us, giving us their congratulations and best wishes. 

“What’s with all the love in here? It’s suffocating” Darren declared as he walked in the room.

“Come and congratulate your sister you idiot! She’s getting married!” my mom squealed. Darren had a face of shock before it relaxed into a smile and he came over to me and hugged me tightly lifting me slightly of the ground.

“C-can’t b-breathe!” I whispered and Darren chuckled before placing me back on to feet and releasing me, letting Daniel re-capture my hand in his which had slipped out of mine as Darren held me.

“Congrats sis!” Darren said and placed a quick kiss on my cheek, he turned to Daniel and asked, “Do I need to give you the ‘speech’?”

“Nope, your dad beat you to it” Daniel replied giving Darren a manly side hug. 

After more pleasantries, Daniel and I left the women to talk dresses and flowers and the men to talk ‘stag night’. Mw and Daniel evacuated upstairs to our room. As the future beta he got the privilege to stay on the top floor along with The Jaxon’s, and both out parents.

I sat on the edge of the bed and watched peacefully and happily as Daniel went about the room changing and getting ready for bed. I looked over at the side table were the clock rested and noticed a bunch of flowers. Lilies. I walked over to them and picked them up, inhaling deeply. Their aroma filled my nose, tickling my nostrils and filling them with a sweet innocent smell.

“Who’s are these?” I asked Daniel, turning around with them in my hands. I let out a yelp of surprise before smiling as I turned around to see Daniel stood in front of me.

“You” he smiled. I smiled back, “they are beautiful, thank you.”

“They get their inspiration from you.” Daniel replied before kissing me gently. I pulled back, an idea forming in my head. I wandered over to the small side desk on my side of the bed and opened a draw. I shuffled about before I found what I was looking for. I returned to Daniel handing him the bunch of lilies, carefully pulling one from the others I picked the tallest and most beautiful knowing that it would represent our relationship well. I pulled the lid of the black sharpie pen I had acquired from the draw and drew a love heart on the underside of the biggest petal and then wrote inside: Em + Dan 4 Ever

A single tear fell down my face as I pulled myself out of the memory.

“What’s wrong honey?” my mom asked me, concern filled her eyes as her face scrunched up in confusion. I looked at the lily that lay preserved, still perfect after the year I had been dead and some part of me just knew.

“He knows I’m alive.” I whispered. Everyone was silent around me.

And I wondered, why did some part of me smile at the thought of that?

The End

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