Chapter 4Mature

“What are they doing here!” I yelled, shooting out of my seat. I went to attack Daniels parents but Kyle, and his super stupid werewolf speed, caught my shoulders in a firm grip, stopping me.

My mother, pale face, mouth agape said “Emily! Calm down! It’s not like…like whatever you are thinking. They are against what their son did and still does!” trying to knock some sense into me but it just bounced of the thick hard walls protecting my mind from lies like this.

“Lies! There son killed me, killed many people and you think they had nothing to do with it? They just sat by and let it happen! They were involved!” I screamed back at my mom.

“Baby,” my mom tried a soothing voice to calm me, “just sit down and let us explain. Please?” I nodded and sunk into the couch, a little help from Kyle who pressed down on my shoulders to make sure I sat. He sat down next to me, holding my wrist to make sure I would stay incase I tried to attack again.

Annie and Mike, Daniel’s parents sat on the couch across from me. it was the furthest seat away from me in the room. It was like they thought I was some mad person who would go crazy at every single thing. And right now I possibly would.

“Emily,” Annie started, her voice was soft, a small smile on her lips as if she was trying to remind me that she was sweet and innocent before her son murdered me. Now she was just…, “how about I start from the beginning?” I nodded.

“Ok, so I was downstairs in the lobby with your mother, we were talking about how beautiful you looked in your dress. Then Crystal came down” Annie nodded at Crystal to her left, “she looked so distress, mumbling about something bad, something about so much blood. We all took of after her, confused at what was going on. Then we walked into Daniel’s room and there you-” a single tear ran down her cheek and fell into her lap, Mike hugged her close to his body stroking her hair as she went on, “you were on the floor, you hear at an odd and angle. There was so much blood. Your mother had to drag Darren from the room. He wouldn’t let go of your hand.” Annie looked down at the floor. “Kyle’s father started to go crazy, throwing things at the walls, shouting ‘it was him! It was him!’ of course we argued but then we melt it too. His scent was all over you. Then we found the note. Stating things Daniel had done and from the looks of hat happened with you I  couldn’t help but believe…believe it was true” Annie burst into tears, Mike trying his best to soothe her, tears were rolling down his cheeks and well as most peoples in this room.

“I believe you” I said. Annie looked up, “I know your gonna argue saying were lying but- wait, you believe me?” I nodded. She rushed out of Mikes arms and hugged me fiercely. She mumbled into my hair, “my son needs to be punished for all he has done but I hope you understand I do not wish to be there when it happens right?” I replied “of course, I wouldn’t make you be there.”

She pulled away and kissed my forehead tenderly, “I always loved you like the daughter I never had. I still do” she said.

“And as do I” Mike chipped in. I stood up and went over to him and hugged him tightly.

“Oh my, all this crying is ruining my make up” Crystal said and got up to retrieve a tissue. I quietly laughed at what she said. It brought forward the memory of when she looked at me in my dress, ‘oh now look! You’re making me ruin my make up’.

“Ok now lets stop with all the tears and how about we celebrate Emily coming back eh? What shall we do?” my dad asked.

“How about Mollie's?” Darren suggested. Mollie's was a small diner on a lone road about twenty minute away. Hardly anybody goes there but the Black Moon pack (Kyle’s pack) and we basically are the reason it’s still in business. It’s run by an old, human couple who hired their grandchildren to work there for them.

“Ok” I said, the others around me nodded in agreement. We gathered our coats and shoes, I slipped on my shoes and pulled on my pale pink hoodie and headed to the door. We all pilled in two black jeeps (one Kyle’s father and one my father’s). On the way we chatted about mindless things avoiding the subject of my death and Daniel.

We arrived and parked in a space in the empty parking lot out front of the diner. The diner itself was designed around the 60’s. The outside was painted red, though at parts the paint had begun to peel off. The sign ‘Mollies’ shone bright with the yellow electric lights, the lights in the O had gone out so it looked like it said ‘Mllies’. We walked through the revolving door and into the diner, a ring of a bell alerting the currently sleeping Sarah to jump of the counter 

“Hey y’all! Oh! Emily how nice to see you! How was your travels?” Sarah asked, her heavy southern accent made me feel more at home.

‘Ugh…” I trailed of, confused, travels?

“Yes! How about we sit down and tell you all about South Africa” my mother said, pronouncing South Africa with a hard toe, sending a quick ‘act normal’ glare my way.

“Oh! Yes South Africa. It was great.” I said, trying to keep it simple as I came up with possible answers to questions in my head.  Sarah smiled and led us to the largest booth in the corner were we all cuddled up close so we could all fit in.

“So what y’all havin?” Sarah asked. We all gave her our orders; mine a chicken burger with fries, a fanta and an extra fries. We talked amongst ourselves as we waited for the meal.

“South Africa?” I turned to my mom. She blushed slightly embarrassed that she got me in a sticky situation before.

“Oh, yes, we had to come up with a reason, for the other humans, of why you were gone. A trip seemed the most believable reason we could come up with” my mother replied. I smiled at her and nudged her playfully, “you’re lucky I took geography for my GCSE’s and studied Africa and South Africa for a year.” We laughed and heard the scraping of chairs. I looked over to see Mr. and Mrs. Bakers and three of their grandchildren, including Sarah, sit on chairs across the table from us.

“Oh my! Look how much you’ve grown up since I last saw you! You’re so beautiful!” Mrs. Baker (Mollie- the diner was named after her by her husband) gushed.

“Thanks Mrs. Baker” I blushed.

“So, I heard you spent some time in South Africa” Mr. Baker pronounced  ‘South Africa’ like it was some exotic new place, which can be understandable as the Bakers would have to save for years before they could go on holiday out of America.

“Yes, it was so much fun!” I exclaimed with fake excitement, “I spent so much time on the road with a guide. We would travel for days on end; I even got so close to a lioness that I could almost reach out and touch it! But like I would dare, I didn’t want to loose and hand” we all chuckled. Mr. Baker asked, “So did you get a lot of research done for your studies?”

“Yes, I researched at long about the temperature drops on the equator and a lot about animals and their habitats” I nodded.

“Wow you sound like you’ve been busy all year! More of a job than a holiday,” Danny, the thirteen year old Baker grandson, said.

“Well while you’ve been busy as a one-legged cat in a sandbox, dear little Darren’s been as useful as a steering wheel on a mule! Sulking round and all. Not like I’m complaining, he’d come in and buy an ice cream Sunday everyday. Wouldn’t stop eating that boy, if he were an inch taller he would be round!” Mrs. Baker said, pinching Darren’s cheeks causing his to blush and everyone to chuckle at him.

“Order up!” Mikey, the second eldest grandchild at twenty two shouted as he brought a heavy looking big tray over to our table. He passed out the meals to everybody, sending a welcoming smile my way. Mikey wasn’t ugly but he wasn’t the hottest guy on the planet either. Sarah would always gossip to me, telling me that Mikey had a crush on me ever since he was nineteen and I was fifteen. She would tell me that he hadn’t cared there was a five year age gap between us. I had ignored it, thinking it was something stupid and made up but I noticed the glances Mikey would give me, the looks, but I was with Daniel at the time and did nothing about it. But even though I was not longer with Daniel, I still didn’t feel that sort of attraction to Mikey and I didn’t think I ever would.

It was like, even though I didn’t want it and repelled the idea of it, some part of my heart still belonged with Daniel.

The End

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