Chapter 2Mature

I had stripped out of my tatty, blood stained dress and told my brother to dispose of it. The memory was too much. I stood in the shower letting the warm water fall around me. Hot water droplets fell down my face like tears.

“I’ve left some clothes for you on your bed!” Darren shouted through the door from my bedroom. I lived in the pack house even though my family was human. But my father was the human adviser to the alpha and also his best friend.

“I’ll be through in a minute!” I shouted back. I poured some gel on my hands before rubbing it all over my body. I then washed my hair thoroughly. Rinse and repeat. Soon the water ran red with blood. My blood. I sniffled as the memory of how my body became encased with my own blood.

“You’re a murderer!”

“How could you?”

“Emily Stop!”

My body flying backwards. The sharp pain of the impact. Then nothing.

I gasped as I came out of the memory. I wiped the single tear that fell. I shut the shower off, stepped out and wrapped myself in a warm fluffy towel.

I stepped through the door and into my room. My old room. I didn’t feel right to be her. I hadn’t slept in this room for over a year. I had basically moved in with…Daniel…a year or so after we started to date. I spent most of my time in his room (which was the top floor of this house) that we decided that it would be best and accommodating to move in there permanently.

My room still had my old stuff in that I never moved upstairs with me. My Purple duvet was still on my bed with its matching pillowcases. The bed was made. It wasn’t when I left for the wedding; my mother must have made it.  My purple lampshade still sat on the side table, a small pile of my books stacked next to it. A window was opposite my bed, below a fabric window seat covered in many colorful pillows and a cream throw.

My large desk was on my right; my computer still lay atop it. More stacks of books, multiple pens and my sketchbook and art pencils were scattered around the desk and on the chair. My wardrobe and drawers were to my left, pictures of my friends and family lay atop the drawers. I walked over to a picture of me and Daniel. It was one of us at the restaurant when he asked…when he asked me to marry him. We were smiling, both happy and elated at the day’s events. I put the picture down, front facing the top of the drawer. I dint want to see it. I did the same with the other pictures of Daniel.

I wandered back over to my bed. The clothes that lay there looked new. From what I could recall I didn’t recognize them as mine. There was a white silk blouse, gold studs on the collar. Next to it was a pair of high waist blue, denim shorts and plain gold pumps. I slipped the clothes on quickly, tucking the blouse in the sleeves floating town my arms before ending at a tight cuff around my wrists.

I looked in my long mirror next to my desk. I noticed, even though my body was preserved I still looked older. My hair was longer, almost to my waist. It looked shiny from the wash, but darker, a more chestnut brown then caramel. The eyes looked a little darker but gold flecks splattered them, making them glint and shine in the light. My skin looked healthy and smooth.

“You ready Emily?” Darren called through my bedroom door. I turned to it, pulling on the shoes quickly as I walked to the door. I opened the door and said, “Sure, let’s go.”

Darren smiled at me before turning and leading me down the familiar hallway. We walked down the stairs I have walked down a thousand, million times before. Darren walked me into the kitchen.

Kyle and Crystal were sat around the island with my father and Kyle’s father, the alpha, while my mother and Kyle’s mother prepared some food. Kyle’s mother, Millie, turned around when she heard use walk through the door.

“Oh Emily! It’s so good to have you back!” she said as she pulled me into a loving hug. She had always been like an aunt to me. She and my mother were high school friends and often referred to themselves as sisters when they introduced themselves.

“It is I’ve missed my favorite little niece” Kyle’s dad, Mike said as he got up from the table and walked over.

“One, I’m your only niece, two, I’m not even your real niece. So I think you basically just said ‘it is, I’ve missed-” I started before I was interrupted.

“O shut up and give me a hug” Mike said before enveloping me into his big arms. He squeezed me tight.

“M-Mike…can’t…b-breath” I could barely get the words out as Mike gave me a ‘death’ hug.

“Sorry Em’s, sometimes I forget your human” Mike smiled sheepishly as he released me from his hold. Millie had returned the stove and now started to dish out food onto plates. She passed plates of bacon, eggs, toast and sausages around the table for everybody before settling down next to her husband and my mom.


“Why are we having breakfast for dinner?” I asked my mother, noticing it was now dark outside.

“It was all we had in. I was meant to go shopping before you came but Darren called me, telling me that the process of you…coming back started early. I didn’t want to miss you coming home” my mom whispered the last part. I smiled at her, covered her hand with mine before tucking in to my meal.

After dinner we all went into the living room. I sat on the couch again with Kyle and Crystal, while Kyle’s parents sat on an opposite couch and my family spread about on multiple armchairs.

“So, Emily how exactly do you plan to go about…killing…Daniel?” Kyle’s dad asked. My parents must have filled him in when I was getting ready.

“Well you don’t know exactly were he is do you?” they shook their heads, no, “so I plan on working on finding that out first. Maybe check hi room for clues? Check the hotel? Even over this past year, there must be something.” I replied.

“Well we left his room how he left it. He came back, after the…incident. We found the room trashed, all his stuff taken apart for unnecessary things. There might be something” my brother said.

“Ok, that’s the first step. Then we find him, and I kill him.”

We were all huddled around the door to Daniels room. I was stood in the middle of our little group, staring at the door handle, debating in my mind weather or not to open the door. Could I handle going into a room were all the things will remind me of him, of us together? Would I break down crying or throw a tantrum? My family and friends were trying to comfort me.

“You don’t have to.” My mother.

“Someone else can go and look.” My brother.

“Emily, maybe this isn’t the right thing for you to do right after…” Mollie.

“Emily-” Kyle started before I interrupted him.

“No, I have to do this. I want this, I need this and I will do whatever it takes to bring that murderous bastard down” I said confidently before opening the door. I closed my eyes trying to mentally prepare my self for what was on the other side.

I want him dead; I chanted in my head, this room will not affect you.

“You can do this” I whispered quietly to my self, taking a step forward into the room. I opened my eyes.

The End

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