Chapter 1Mature


Blood started to pump through my veins.


Pain erupted in my head, causing me to have a terrible headache. My body was patching itself back together.


My brain started to function again. Slowly, I remembered simple things.

My name…my name was Emily…erm…Emily Woodsgrove. I was…16 years old? Yes, I was 16 and I had an older brother…Darren. Yes I remember.


I passed out. I didn’t have control over my body yet. My arms felt heavy, as did my eye lids. I couldn’t open them, no matter how many times I tried.



I started to intake breath, opening my mouth as the air filled my lungs making my heart beat faster.




I fluttered my eyes, the light above me blinding me temporarily. I started to twitch my fingers. A sensation, like pins and needles, tingled throughout my body.






When it felt like my heart couldn’t beat any faster. It felt as if it was going to burst out my chest. Each beat was harder and faster. I felt as if my whole body shook with every beat. My eyes flicked open, wide and I stared at the sky above. Rain clouds had gathered, lightning was flashed and thunder growled. It was if they were in an intense battle. The rain pelted down hard. I could feel it soak my skin and crash against my face.

Then a final intense pain shocked my body forward, I screamed like a new born baby. My yell echoed around me as the pain subsided.

I was back.


I slowly scanned the area around me. The rain had stopped, so had the lightning but the thunder clouds still roared above me. A thick forest surrounded me. It circled around the field that I sat it. The grass was a healthy green with the odd patch of wild flowers here and there.

I stood up and took a step forward only to fall flat on my face. I rubbed my sore knees, brushing mud and grass off them. I turned around, confused, looking for what I tripped on. A glass case of sorts was placed in the middle of this field. I must have stepped and tripped over the side. It looked like a coffin. It was my coffin. Flowers lay around the coffin, giving it a some what cheery feeling. The colours contrasted with the clear white of the glass.

My dress started to rub harshly against my skin, giving me a constant, pestering itch. Dress? I looked down to see a sea of white floating around me. There was a trail of red down one side. It was blood. Tears came to my eyes.

My wedding dress.

“Emily!” a shout came from behind me. I swiveled round to see a figure running out the forest. I couldn’t tell who it was but by the voice I guessed it was a man. I squinted my eyes trying my best to figure out who it was. The man got closer, running fast and hard to me. Soon he was close enough to see who it was, about 20 meters in front of me. I ran towards him, picking up the end of my dress so I wouldn’t trip. It was hard to run in heels but I ran my fastest to get to him.

My heart beat faster and faster as I ran.

We smashed into each other, holding each other in a tight hug.

“I missed you so much! Don’t ever leave me again Emily! Never!” Darren cried into my hair. I hugged my brother back and cried with him. As children we were inseparable despite the two year age gap. As we grew older he spelt a lot of his time helping me with school, protecting me and warding of boys, he even introduced me to his friends as his ‘best friend’.

“H-how? Why? What happened?” questions tumbled out my mouth as I pulled back to look at him. His eyes were red from crying, his tousled brown hair fell to his chocolate brown eyes. He wore a marvel comic t-shirt, jeans and hoodie. He was still my brother Darren.

“I’ll explain everything once we get back to the house” Darren told me. He grabbed my hand and started to walk back the way he came. I stood still for a moment bewildered and confused before quickly walking over to his side.

The trip was silent but pleasant. I knew something big or important was going to happen when I made it to ‘the house’. I wondered what is ‘the house’.

“Darren where are we going?” I asked, turning to Darren. He stopped and looked me dead in the eye.



I got more nervous as we neared…home. Would my parents be there waiting for me? My friends? Would…he…be there?

The rest of the work was quite, only the odd chirp of a bird and rustle of leaves broke the silence. We soon came into a small clearing facing the back of a house. The house stretched high, three floors with a large roof. It was made from and almost reddish brick that shone when the slowly fading light hit it.


There was a back door. It was made out of clear glass. Darren led me to the door, rummaging for something in his pocket before pulling out a set of keys. I noticed they had the blue and purple friendship bracelet; I had made him when I was six, attached to the key ring.

 He opened the door and led me through. I looked around me recognizing the large kitchen with 2 ovens to accommodate the werewolves eating habits. The pots and pans that hung above your head, always polished, so that when the sun filtered through the window making them glint and shine brightly. Darren quickly ushered me through the door, down a hallway and then through two large double doors.

He pulled me through gently to be greeted by familiar faces.

“Mom!” I squealed and ran into her open arms. She held me tightly to her chest, crying softly into my neck.

“My baby…my baby” she mumbled. Someone tapped me on the shoulder before gently removing my mother’s arms around my neck. I looked up.

“Daddy!” I jumped on him causing him to stagger back a couple of steps. He chuckled before hugging me back, holding me on his side as if I were a baby.

“I missed my little girl” he said to me before kissing my forehead. Tears were rolling down my face. My parents. They were here. I thought I’d never see them again. But they were here; in the flesh. This couldn’t be a dream. I didn’t want it to be a dream. I had my family back.

My dad pulled away from me a bit to look me in they eyes, “there are a couple of other people who want to say hi,” he said, he looked over his shoulder, “come in.”

The two doors re-opened.

“Hi Em-” I had already attacked them before they could finish my name. They fell to the floor but I didn’t care as I clung onto both of them. My tears dripped of my face and onto the hardwood floor.

“I missed you guys so so much!” I said squeezing the life out of my friends.

“Ok Emily, we missed you too…but could you get of us?” Crystal asked politely.

“Yeah, move your fat ass” Kyle said causing a ripple of laughter around the room.

“I see you haven’t changed” I huffed as I stood up and held my hand out, helping them up.

“Come sit Emily, I’m sure you have a lot to ask” my other ushered me onto the brown, worn leather couch. Kyle and Crystal sat on either side of me, as if comforting me, preparing me for what was to come.

“So…how?” I asked. It was my first question of many and I thought it was best to start with the most important. My mother took a seat in an armchair to my right while my brother and father stayed stood.

“Emily, do you know about warlocks?” my father asked me, brushing his black fringe out of his eyes. I thought hard.

“I remember you telling me a bit about them, but not much” I replied. She shifted nervously.

“Well warlocks, they have this power. The power to bring the dead back. But to do this they must…we had to sacrifice a life to bring you back”.

I was shocked into silence. They wouldn’t would they? Take a life for mine. An innocent’s life?

“How dare you!” I screamed at him, “you-you cant just take somebody’s life like that! It wasn’t your choice!”

“Emily listen-” Darren tried to say before I cut him off.

“No!” I shot up from the couch, “don’t tell me to listen! You took someone’s life-”.

“The warlock! The warlock took his life for yours!” my father shouted at me.

“He chose? The warlock? Oh…who was he?” I asked, slowly sinking back down into the couch.

“He never told us.”

“But we are glad your back anyway” my mother chipped in. and she was right. I was back. My body was healed. There was no pain anymore. My skin looked healthy, and my hair, well the parts that weren’t soaked in blood, looked shiny. My nails were straight; my heart beat had slowed to a normal pace.

“So…how long has it been since…then” I asked.

“A year to the day. The um…warlock…said that it would be the best day to do it. When the line between life and death was the thinnest or something. No ghost could pass the line unless it was the day they died.” my mom said.

“So I’m seventeen?” my brother nodded and replied, “and I’m nineteen”.

“How, how was I…preserved…how did I not…decompose?” I asked them.

“The…glass case,” my mom started, it seemed like she avoided the word coffin, “had a spell on it. We found the warlock a few days after you died so you were only in the very early days of death, there was not much…decomposing…gong on. He told us he could do the spell to bring you back. We just had to wait.”

“Wow,” I looked down at my tattered self, “couldn’t you have least changed me out these clothes and gave me a wash?” I joked lightly, the others laughed softly.

“Believe me, I wish we did. But the warlock said you had to stay how you were. But honestly Ems, you stink” Darren wafted his hand in front of his face for effect as he said this.

“You are just mean” I said throwing a pillow. He easily caught it in the air. The mood changed around me as my smile fell from my face as I remembered one question that needed to be asked.

“What happened to…to Daniel?” immediately everyone’s faces hardened and a scowl appeared on their faces.

“Daniel ran. He ran like a coward after he…murdered you. We don’t know where he went, all we know is that he’s an evil bastard” Darren sneered obviously angered by what his ex-best friend had done.

“He became a rouge and created his own pack. Became their Alpha. Now he kills any wolf that crosses his path. Destroys packs” Kyle told me.

“Just like before” I whispered to myself.

“What?” my father asked.

“Nothing. Have you tried to take him down?” I asked curious. Part of me wanted that evil killer dead but a small part, the part before I found the note. The part of me that loved Daniel with all my heart. But that side was overshadowed by the need to give Daniel a taste of his own medicine.

“No. We were to focused on preparing you for the ‘deep sleep’ as the warlock called it. And we didn’t want to take the risk. He has a lot of rogues in his pack.

“Well that’s gonna change. I want Daniel dead. I want revenge.”

The End

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