He was my mate, my protector and now he was my killer.
Being murdered on your wedding day sucks but it kills when it's your husband to be. But now Emily's back and hell bent on revenge. But will she still hate Daniel when the time come's to give him a taste of his own medicine?

“You Monster!” I screamed, attacking his chest with my fists. Tears were rolling down my cheeks making my mascara run. I hated him. He was a monster.

*20 minutes earlier*

“Oh my! You look amazing Emily” Crystal gushed as she wafted her hand in front of her face, trying to stop tears from falling. One slipped down her cheek.

“Oh now look! You’re making me ruin my make up” she sniffled ad ran into the bathroom. I looked in the tall mirror before me. My white, long dress was sleeveless and slightly pooled around my feet. The top had diamantes around my breasts but part of it was covered with a criss cross, silk sash. The skirt spread around me, a perfect circle of white, undisturbed like water after the crash. Small diamantes were splattered all over the skirt, so small that you could only see then when they sparkled as the sun hit them. I felt like a princess and my prince was waiting at the end of the aisle for me.

“Twenty minutes!” my mother shouted through the hotel room door. My palms had started to sweat. My breathing quickened as I started to pace the room nervously. I was to marry the man I loved in twenty minutes. Thoughts started to invade my head.

What if he didn’t like my dress? My make up?

What if he’s getting cold feet and I walk down the aisle to find no one there?

What if- my thoughts were cut of as I heard shuffling outside the door. I could see the faint shadow of shoes from the little gap at the bottom of the door.

“Mum?” I asked. No one answered. A single folded piece of paper appeared on my side of the door. The shadow left and I heard footsteps as the person walked away. I cautiously walked towards the door. I bent down, trying to avoid ripping my dress, and picked up the paper.

It was folded, a name was written in cursive writing.


Me. I opened the paper and began reading. I got angrier the further I read, the contents made me sad and furious but part of me wanted to believe it wasn’t true.

He has murdered many people; humans, wolves, children, women, men, families.

You cannot trust him. He is evil.

He’s a murderer! He had tortured many to get what he wanted. Killed those who stood in his path. Destroyed families. Murdered many. You are not safe!

One word stuck in my mind as I read.




My hands shook as I dropped the note and ran out of the room. Tears streaked my face as I ran down the corridor and into room 223. I threw open the door, it banged harshly against the wall.


“Emily? What are you doing? Are you ok? You’re crying-” before he could say anymore I ran towards him, banging my fists against his chest. I kicked him in the groin and he fell to the floor, I repeatedly screamed at him:

“I hate you!”

“I hate you!”

He got back on two feet, opening his mouth to say something. But before he could I attacked him again.

“You Monster!” I screamed, attacking his chest with my fists. Tears were rolling down my cheeks making my mascara run. I hated him. He was a monster.

“What? What have I done?” I asked, grabbing my fist as it flew to hit his face.

“You’re a murderer! How could you!” I screamed at him. I was full on bawling now. Tears flooded out my eyes, I was sure there was a puddle next t my feet. Daniel looked shocked. But most of all, he looked guilty.

“So it’s true?” I whispered, my voice cracking at the end. I lowered my fists and my head hung low.

“Baby-” Daniel started before I cut him off, “No! I am no longer your baby! I am no longer your anything!” my voice rising and I started to attack hi again. Hitting him where ever I could. He winced a few times informing me that I was actually hurting him. Even if it was minimal it was still good enough for me.

“Em’s! Emily stop and calm down!” Daniel was shouting at me but I ignored him and pounded him till my fist hurt and my muscles ached. Daniel tried to fend of my fists but I was so intent on hurting him that I hit him faster and harder each time that he was unprepared.

“Em-Emily! Emily stop!” Daniel roared and pushed me back. I flew backwards and hit something deadly sharp. It pierced the back of my head. It broke through my skull causing a never ending flow of blood to pour out. My body fell to the floor. I couldn’t move any part of my body. I had no control over my lids as the slid closed. I had no control over my heart as it gave its final beat.

The End

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