The Man With Rounds

A student often made fun of because of weird round things on his body.

Not long ago, in 1980, a man named Kik lived in San Wiego, he was not smart, he was not dumb either, he was a student at Russia Moscow International School, which was a school filled with bright minds, but how did Kik get in this school you say? He bribed the administrator to let him, since no other school accepted him. You might think that this bright school would've atleast been mature enough to Kik, but they weren't.

November 8, 1980 -- Kik was sat in the back of his school bus, waiting to arrive at his school. He was approached by a shady figure, named Slim. Slim was often nicknamed The Shady Slim because of his extraordinary interest in hoodies. He moved his gloved hands to shake hands with Kik, and so Kik complied. Slim said with a rather shady voice, "What are you doing here?" Kik immediately felt nausea, and he felt as if something sharp entered his body. That is exactly what happened, he was stabbed by Slim.

November 9, 1980 -- San Wiego Hospital, Slim woke up and found 5 faces looking at him, but he began to hallucinate, he thought to himself, who is that figure standing over there? He was standing at the corner, looking at Slim rather creepily. It was Slim, he had somehow managed to sneak into the hospital, he shot Kik and the story ends.

The End

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