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Shall I tell you what I don't understand?    Why do kids want to have kids? 

It was a Thursday evening and I had just staggered off the bus from being at work since 8am.  I had just had the worst day ever. Work was crap, I looked like crap, I felt like crap and I smelled like crap.  All I wanted to do was go home, have a nice hot bath and go to bed but before all that I had to go to the shops to buy something for my tea.  I walked into the shopping centre to be greeted by a load of young kids who were probably around 7 or 8 years old. 

"Ere missus, can I buy a tab off ya please?"

"I'm sorry but I don't smoke"

I smoked but do you think I'm going to give them a cigerette.  Yeah they said they would buy one but how much do you sell a fag for? plus how old were they!

It really gets on my nerves when people ask if they can buy a cigerette off someone - why don't they just go and buy some.  Or the drunks when they ask for a fag as they stumble down the street with a can of lager in their hand.  Crikey you have drink so buy some smokes instead of bumming from the likes of me!

Anyway.  After that little interuption by the local hoodies, I proceeded to go to the rather expensive supermarket to see if there was anything that would get my taste buds going.  In front of the entrance there was a group of mothers chatting, actually more like shouting to one another and frequently shouting and swearing at their small children who were running around and being little brats.

"I swear to god.  If ye de that 1 more time am gonna take ya arse off, ye little shit!"

I don't have any kids at this point in time but I could honestly say I would be able to discipline my children without having to talk to them like that.

I went into the shop shuddering at the profanities that the mothers and the kids were saying to one another and thought to myself what a wonderful area I live in.

I was browsing at the frozen ready meal section when I heard a ruckus behind me.  It was a security guard who had aproached a young girl with a baby in a pushchair and was asking her to follow him to the managers office.

"I'm sorry madam but you will have to follow me"

"Ere what for like?"

"I have seen you on the cameras stuffing items from this store into your pushchair and into your bag without paying for it"

"Piss off ye knob! Are ye calling me a thief like?"

"Madam if you don't follow me then I will have to call the police and they will search you here in the middle of the shop floor and that may be embarrasing for you"

"Aye well call the busys cos I ain't got nothing in me bags or owt"

"Madam I can see from here that you have pot noodles stuffed in a bag in the bottom of the pushchair"

"Nah nah man ye see, I bought them from another shop before I came in here see!"

I shook my head in disbelief.  What is the world coming to when someone has to go and steal pot noodles of all the things in the world you could be arrested for, she would be done for stealing crappy pot noodles!

The police arrived and the women was still ranting and protesting that she hadn't stolen anything.  The police started ransacking the baby's pushchair and found 4 pot noodles - chicken and mushroom flavour, 2 jars of Nescafe instant coffee, 2 bottles of Pantene shampoo and the poor baby was sitting on 3 cans of Lynx deodrant, 3 packets of Oreo cookies, a 10 pack of Durecell AA batteries and 3 packs of lean frying steak and they all had the stores price tags on them. 

I carried on my shopping trip in amazement and couldn't understand some people. 

I settled for a tin of Minestrone soup with a crusty bread roll for my tea, all paid for may I add and then relaxed in a rather too hot to handle bath and then slipped into my warm comfy bed still going through the store's events in my mind. 

I woke during the night to the noise of shouting and screaming.  I peered through the blinds that covered my windows and saw 3 kids about 14-16 years of age and they were obviously off their heads.  One was throwing up over the neighbours wall onto her very beautiful ornate garden, one was having a piss whilst walking up the street and another was shouting at someone who had came into view.  I glanced at the clock, it was 2:15am.  What on earth were these kids doing out at this time of the morning.  Where were their parents? Hadn't these people heard of Paedophiles or rapists? The fourth person came into view. It was a girl who was wobbling up the street as she couldn't manage to balance on her stiletto shoes due to whatever she had taken.  She was shouting and bawling to one of her colleagues again swearing like a trooper. 

I watched until they vacated the street and then went back to bed again thinking what on earth were these kids parents thinking of to allow their children to be out at this time.

The End

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