Robot Pirate vs. Fanservice Ninja... FIGHT!Mature

Guybot clung to the side of the transport craft. Headed to Hope City, on Hope Server. The capital of the commonwealth. Guybot climbed around the outside of the transport. They never checked the outside of a ship for people who did not have tickets. No idea why it never occurred to them. He was not the only one who did this.

The location was approaching close ahead--he jumps off. Landing on the ground below. Guybot looks around for anything not nailed down to put into his inventory.

He needed to do this at every new location. He also had to check his inventory--as things tended to disappear every now and again. He wish he did not throw them away. It would be nice if he could stop it. He had thrown away a few nice items.

Nothing nearby he could use.

He enters a building. He hears a laugh. Two large eyes light up. Great... Guybot had entered a boss' house. "Uh--hi? I was just--"

"leaving.. no.. Guybot Threepio... I am Kobayashi, prepare to die!"

The End

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