Intelligence and RaddMature

Radd was walking along with Sheena and their child Sinead. Sinead was skipping along happily. They were headed to a very special location. "Soo--why are we headed to my brother in laws' place."

"Please try to act mature when we get there."

"What I am just curious. I mean, Gnarl and Koba produced an Egg. I do not really want to know the full details. Just well--which one is the top."

"Doctor Amp said already that the egg was a product of the two merging their code too often."

"Are you certain it was not all the gay sex?"

Sheena sighs, putting a hand onto her temples. Sinead looks over at the two, "is Mommy arguing with herself again?"

Radd looks a Sinead, then back at Sheena. Back to Sinead, and kneels down beside her, "please, you must not tease mommy. She was fused in an old accident."

Sinead was about to say something, mostly in surprised, but Sheena interrupts the two of them, "no, it is alright. I had to silence my 'sister' about a series of slash fictions she has been talking about."

Radd points in a Fonze style, "she is too late--it is not fiction. My brother and Koba are packing the gravy."

Sheena shoots and edgewise glance to Radd, "it is called 'packing the fudge'. And he is still your brother."

Radd walks on, "and an inept ninja homocidal maniac who is only with my brother, because they both hold the goal of trying to kill me."

"Gnarl is not like that any more. Remember his reaction to the sprites from Kid Radd Neo? He decided that he did not want to be the villain of those series."

"Oh, right, the game series that was made well after we Jumped Shark."

"Yeah--looking at the game my sister is from, we kind of Jumped Shark right at the sequel."

They walked past a purple needle mouse on the side of the road, asking for change, Radd points, "well, things could be worse."

Sheena gives the needle mouse some credits.

They walk up to the apartment complex. Sheena rings the buzzer, but nudges Radd, "we are not in an episode of Will and Grace here. Behave."

A comlink opens up. This included a picture of Gnarl. He had lipstick on his cheek and a bra over his shoulder. He removes them off. "Uh, helping out Koba with his ninja ability of stealth."

Radd eyes open up, about to look like he has about to says something, but simply goes, "I am sworn to silence."

Sheena gives a quick glance glare to Radd, then continues, "we have something important. Moderator Intelligence has picked up some reports. We need your help. Particularly your death machines."

Kobayashi shoves Gnarl over, "did somebody say death machine?!"

Radd looking at Koba current state, "not the variety that appear on the streets of Bangkok."

Koba does a few finger motions, "UNDRAG NO YOSHITSU!", some smoke plumes up, and he state was his usual Ninja state. "Sorry, me and darling Gnarl were just experimenting."

Radd is about to say something, Sheena shoots a glare at him, but Sinead says it, "is that where the Egg came from? Your experiments?"

Radd looks at Sinead and back at Sheena, "see! I was not the only one thinking it."

Sinead frowns, "yes, you were."

Koba hits the button, "come in, let me show you my death machines."

Radd looks around cautiously as the overblown on the impressiveness door opens up, "uh, I will just stay out here."

Sheena, "the donut incident..."

"What? I saw some Pizza laying around with a cola bottle next to it--and one thing led to another."

Radd, Sheena and Sinead walk into a dark ware house room. A series of red glowing eyes appears. Kobayashi and Gnarl walk onto the walkway above. And flick on some lights.

Radd looks around, "three blinking lights? Five Platforms? So you remember the last time you tried this."

Kobayashi beams, "that is me, always improving my death machines."

Radd frowns, "improving was not quite the word I would have chosen."

Sheena shouts up at Gnarl, "we have been watching the bounty on Sinead. Seems people are scared of what she is capable of. They known Radd is a hero sprite, and that I am an NPC."

Gnarl jumps over the rail onto the ground below, "for all they know, she may have a life metre and no attacks."

Sheena frowns, "yeah, we want to wait to get her scanned."

Kobayashi does some finger movements and teleports next to Gnarl, "yeah--that machine still scares me. It is just a holodeck plot waiting to happen."

Sheena glances over at Radd, "I keep reassuring you guys, there are safeties in place to stop that."

Everybody else says at once, "holodeck plot."

Sheena addresses Gnarl and Kobayashi, "anyways, somebody has taken the bounty. Though, the source is odd--not one of the main ones. It is nearly a copy cat source in a few areas. We want you to delay the bounty hunter as long as possible, so that we can learn more about this source."

Gnarl smiles and poses, "sorry, but your Girl Sinead is in another Death Machine."

Radd turns and walks out, "okay, this has been covered. Now, lets go forh and let them be fruity."

Sinead apologises, "sorry--my Dad is just impressed with a few more immature traits."

Gnarl puts her hand on Sinead's shoulder, "it is okay. He just needs time to know that we are perfectly normal."

Sinead looks over at Kobayashi, and back, "oh I know this--I just cannot see why the others cannot see it."

Koba looks over, "see what?"

The End

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