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Well--in loo of getting work done on the KidRadd.Org website, I figured I would post some stuff for people to view for the series that would take place after the events of Dan R.Miller's cult class comic.

Guybot Threepio was at the job's place. It was what appeared to be a rather rowdy dance club--possibly a pub.

Since Proto Server had been rediscovered during Hope Server's annexing of many other nodes on the internet, it had became a location for the members of the counter culture groups. Mostly containing colour scheme changed sprites--as well as a few who experimented in code modification. The freaks of the game sprites came here.

Prime Minister Sheena turned a blind eye to protoserver. She did not seem to want to be as controlling as her predecessor. She wanted the people of Hope Server and the Satellite Server's in the Hope Cloud to be able to make their own choices. She was mostly dealing with the issues in the wake of Crystal's assassination.

Nobody knew who killed Crystal. There were some suggestions that it was some spiked hair moron that did it. Usually mentioning something about how these rather unnoteworthy game sprites took the entirety of the Moderator forces completely out. They made no attempts to increase the numbers. Saying there were only a few of them in comparison--and they were as tough as nails.

Sheena soon found herself as Prime Minster. Guybot had read the news. This was only because she had no competition. Too many people were trying to build up what they lost from Crystal's wrath. Sheena--seeming to have decided butter was better for Hope Cloud than guns for a policy made the rather irrational decision of stocking her army with shop keepers.

Though, many of Sheena's decisions did not make sense to Guybot. That is why Guybot was a robotic pirate, and Sheena was the Prime Minister. Guybot stopped going over the newsfeed in his head.

A large sign on the side of the pub was listing quotes by somebody named "@yelling_bird". With mentions of retweets and other stuff that Guybot really did not get. These devices were starting to appear. In a few places.

Guybot entered the @yelling_bird pub, trying to ignore most of the quotes that were appearing on the building.

Most of Protoserver was still in ruins. Though, the buildings seemed to be getting just as much service. Guybot did not think he could escape these ruins. This counter culture haven was also a form of prison for members of the counter culture. They chose to be here--but it was still a prison none the less.

Guybot walked in. No band could be on stage. The music was canned. Guybot did not recognise the chip that was playing. He made his way to the back of the noisy establishment. Banged on the metal door in the back. "Guybot Threepio, Robotic Pirate. I am here for the bounty."

A small peep hole opened up. Bloodshot eyes peered out, "are you nuts? Nobody talks to The Corrupted Sprite."

Another voice--this one a little bit more rat like, got out, "heh! Let him in, the boss may enjoy eating this one.What was his name, Mandroid Artoo? Sounds tasty."

The door opened. The blood shot eyes appearing on the other side as well. The door beckoned, "go--The Corrupted Sprite is waiting for you."

A fat rat like sprite was behind the door. Looks up at Guybot, and runs scurrying into a crack in the wall. Eyes blinking from the crack. Guybot walks down the stairs. Some had some corrupt code flashing back in for in them. Some had rather odd red traits to them. Like the old Seer hangouts--back before he was deactivated. This was odd.

Guybot gets to a door at the bottom of the stairs. His heat sensors noted that it should be cold. He is about to knock on the door. It opens. In the back is a near shadowy figure. Every now and then a slight sign of corrupt code over this shadowy figure. The corrupt glitch would light up the room a little each time it flashed. An NPC was sitting. This shadowy figure was eating the NPC.

It speaks in an odd voice. Well, two voices, "hello, Guybot Threepio. I have been expecting you. Please, sit."

Guybot runs his gulping routine. Not wanting to have to deal with this thing chasing him, he sits.

The figure, still eating the NPC asks, "what do you know already of Girl Sinead?"

Guybot gives an odd look, "you mean? The Prime Minster's daughter?"


"She is a young girl with blue hair. Looks like something from the early nineties. Not really much is said about her. Apart from that."

"Who is her father?"

"Some freeloading punk kid. I think the only reason the Prime Minister is with him, is because she is programmed to be."

"What would you say, if that kid not only killed Crystal, the Seer but myself as well?"

"I would say you are crazy. Crystal was crazy tough. The Seer--no idea how anything could possibly have deactivated him. It would take a genius, with the mental capacity of the greatest scientists to have succeeded in hiding a plan from the Seer. Let alone succeeding at it. That kid is not the person."

The figure's corrupt code started to get a lot more aggravated. More numbers, letters and sprite image screw up started to appear as Guybot went on.

"His ability is an odd and hidden one. He can corrupt code. Like he did to me. Like he did to both of us."

The figure comes into the light. It was a skeletal figure with a camo mullet. His clothes were a typical 1980s getup. The colour scheme was swapped to the camo patterns of his hair. He had a blue aura about him. He continues, "the daughter, likely has these abilities. You need to bring her to one of my scientists to figure out this."

A feed came across Guybot's vision to see where to send it. The money was too good to pass up. Guybot kind of wishes Alice Marley was here to be with him. Alice was dead. Killed by Crystal.

Guybot would not allow the new leader of the Moderators to carry on Crystal's reign of terror.

The End

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