keysea: the great white albatross

Kassie loves animals and she always wanted an albatross as a pet. Till one day it started to talk to her. From the author that brought you the dangerous blades series and inside the mind of a killer. Comes an epic tale of true friendship filled with action/adventure coming soon to protagonized keysea: the great white albatross.

It stated in the north atlantic ocean,a little girl named Kassie was walking along the north atlantic ocean.From a distance she looked tiny as a pebble but as she walked ever closer,she was 4'8" 130lb. She was a happy girl, a girl so happy that she made friends, animal friends. One friend she made was an albatross that she named keysea. Keysea was the leader of all the albatrosses. Kassie wanted take him home but she couldn't cause of her brother(well not so much of her brother but her older sister named Troublous AKA raster. She always caused trouble for kassie since she was 3 yrs old. Kassie wanted to bring keysea home but how?. She saw an abandon box as she put her in and sealed it shut. As she lifted up the box the bird was so heavy. "wow keysea your heavy" she said. So as she carried the box all the way home her older sister was waiting for her.

"well well little sister what's in the box?" Troublous said. "nothing" Kassie said. "nothing huh?  will see about that" Troublous said as she grabbed the box as they fight over the box. "hand it over" Troublous said. Kassie pulled the box towards her "let go of the box you raster" she said. Then Troublous pushed Kassie off with one of her legs . As Kassie fell she looked in horror as Troublous shooked the box "NO! DON'T HURT THE BIRD! Kassie screams. Then the flaps fly open as Keysea flew to safety. Troublous snarled at her sister "YOU!...You IDIOT! what is it with you and these animals. I can't live in this house in peacewhen you bring these stupid wild animals in!" Troublous said. Kassie looked back at her "There not stupid animals" "don't you dare talk back to me i run this house and i expect this house to be animal free when mom gets home" Troublous lashed back. Kassie welt up in tears as she ran to her room,as she cried a loud thud was heard. She looked up and saw keysea outside of her window. Kassie opens up her window to let Keysea in as he lands it begins to talk "are you alright Kassie" it said.

The End

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