Chapter Two

I didn't want to open my eyes; not in fear of what I'd see, but because I was so comfortable with them closed. I didn't remember anything from the night before, and I was blissfully happy that I felt so... brilliant. I thought that I had just gotten very drunk the night before. But then I realised...

 Where was my hangover?

 Then I remembered.

 "Gah!" I gasped, straightening up and opening my eyes. I knew I was in a medical room, as I had opened my eyes slightly once or twice, but this time, I could see everything in the room. Including the man.

 "Wh-what...?" I trailed off, entranced by my own melodic, flowing voice.

 "You are a vampire." The man stated. I knew that I wasn't human any more, and I sort of guessed that I was probably something like a vampire, but hearing the words sent me into some sort of shock.

 But when I went into shock, I didn't stop moving or speaking. Instead, I snarled and pounced on the man. I could tell that I was stronger, but he was more of a skilled fighter, so soon after, he had me pinned to the wall, screaming at me to calm down. I soon did.

 "Everything is going to be okay," the man exclaimed. "I promise." He continued. He let go of me, and I went and sat down on the bed I had been sitting on. I now used this chance to look around the place. It looked like we were in an old abandoned hotel. There was a pool, a bar and snooker tables and arcades everywhere, but we were the only people there. Everything was in perfect condition except for one room which had a door kicked down. That was where the mouldy smell was eluding from.

 "What's in there?" I asked, looking toward the man. He sighed, and then began to speak,

 "Listen to me, okay? You are never, ever, to go in there, okay? Just don't go in there."

 "Okay, but wha-"

 "Just don't. I'm not allowed to tell you what's in there, but just don't go in there, please."

 "Okay! By the way, what's your name?" I asked, frowning as I sat on the edge of a snooker table.

 "My name is Ren. And I already know your name, Peter." He exclaimed. I frowned again,

 "How do you know my name?" I asked.

 "Well, you were famous back in the twentieth-century. But now we're in the twenty-first, and things are gonna be a lot different."

The End

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