Keona and Dakiki

A short Daoune love story.

In the Undertime, when the sun was red and swollen, and the daoune hid in underground cities with wilting plants and restless oxen, twins were born to Miara Laima so Teraisi.

The first-born twin was named Leola Miara so Teraisi.

As Miara laid the second-born on Saia's altar and began the rituals to sacrifice it, Saia appeared to her.

"This child will show love to the world," said Saia, then disappeared, leaving Miara standing dumbstruck staring at a baby with a scarred face. She named the child Keona Miara so Teraisi.

The children grew.

By the next winter, Leola was beautiful and outspoken, loving to show off and play with others' love. Keona was courageous, but she stayed hidden. She was ashamed of her scars.

Leola was loved by all. She was free with her neck, and had lain with many, apart from the gentle boy Dakiki, who her heart yearned for. Keona's heart also yearned for Dakiki, and she was very surprised when he said to her, "I can see past your scars, and you are beautiful. I would give you a home and collar."

Leola became cruel and bitter to those who lay with her. She crushed many hearts.

The night before Dakiki's collar was given to Keona, he disappeared. Keona was convinced that Leola had murdered him. She spoke with the healer, but there was no proof, and Leola said that she had not killed. The healer believed her. Keona did not.

Life continued.

Keona became a great warrior, killing many Satathan, especially ones that looked like Leola. Leola became a carer for children.

A child soon appeared from Leola. It looked like Dakiki and this broke Keona's heart. For a long time, she had been mourning Dakiki, and every day his absence was felt as sharply as it was that first morning. The child's appearance saddened her further. She decided to go to the surface and let the sun kill her.

She had thought it was warm in the caverns, but it was as hot as fire on the outside earth. She had not been here before. Many generations ago, the ice had melted, and the daoune had fled to the cooler cities underground. Legends had been told of this snow. All that remained was cracked and scalded ground. Keona was beginning to feel strange, like floating. Was this death?

"Keona?" A distant voice, but one she remembered dearly. Soft hands shook her. "Keona? You're alive?"

Keona nodded, knowing she wouldn't be for long.

"Leola kidnapped me. She told me that you were dead, and that the tribe thought I had done it. I mourned for so long. Leola forced me to love her, and there was a child. I escaped, but life was terrible without you, and I came here to die."

"I thought Leola had killed you. I mourned for so long. Life was terrible without you, and I came here to die."

The sun was strong, and the lovers clung together as their fur seared away. Soon, their spirits were set free, and they flew to the valley, and lived and loved together. Saia smiled, because Keona and Dakiki had taught that justice cannot always win, but love will.


This story explains a large stone formation in the shape of two daoune embracing.

collar = essentially a wedding ring

free with her neck = basically a slut

The End

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