Just Something I Had To Do For School Last Year

Amelia Reagan Wethersfield was born into a family that had been cursed. It started when her great, great, great, great grandparents harvested the suns light to sell to other countries. The sun did not mind, at least not until he began to run out. He was so raged of the abusive power to his light that he put a curse on the Wethersfield family for years to come. Until, someone was born into the family that could give back light to the sun. But, until then they will be surrounded by darkness.

Since it was always dark were the Wethersfield family lived, no man (nor women) wanted to visit them. One day, when the wind was frightened by the stories of the trees, it ran through the town destroying everything in its path. The prince was so frightened by the winds rampage; he decided to go hide in the darkness where he knew the wind dare not to go. He followed the path, trying not to let anyone know he was there.  He ran through the forest and climbed to the top of one of the trees.

"Hello, who is that," the voice gave him chills, but he felt he had to respond.

"Me? Hahaha, I am the prince! Now the real question is who are you?"

"Um..... Amelia, Amelia Wethersfield. I.....I'm sorry, do you mind coming to my house? I don't like talking in the dark," without waiting for a response, she hopped out of the tree and ran along the path.

Curious, the young prince followed behind.

They got to the dim old cabin and from what little light that shone on her; he could tell she was the one. She had been just what he was looking for in a wife. Even her voice made his head spin.

A few years have passed as the prince hid from the wind. Each year the prince fell more and more in love with Amelia. One day, while they were reading the newspaper, they got news that the wind had calmed down.

"You can go back home now!" Amelia's voice was filled with enthusiasm for him, but the prince did not want to leave.

"I will not leave unless you can come with me," he paused, "and since that won't be possible; I shall marry and live with you here."

Speechless, Amelia cried. She felt the same he had for her and all should could do nodded her head.

So, they got married and had a child named Kendra-May Magdalene Royal. She was said to be the most beautiful being alive. She was kept inside until the age of 5. This was the age in which she began to glow. Her features were so flawless and her skin was like silk. She was so beautiful that when she was happy, she glowed. Knowing that she would be able to see in the darkness, Amelia and the prince let her roam the forest of darkness.

As she walked along the lifeless ground, the plants grew. Roses, tulips, marigolds, and vines grew along each of her steps. Each of the flowers and every blade of grass that grew sparkled. Kendra- May went un-noticed by anyone other than her parents for 5 more years. Her jet black curls became more and more flawless over the years, her skin more and silkier, and her crystal blue eyes more noticeable next to her rosy red cheeks.

As her beauty grew so did her adventurous spirit. She began to wonder deeper in the forest, into the trees. Each one she touched grew taller, stronger, and blossomed with white and blue flowers.

The forest began to glow so much that the wind got curious. It wondered into the forest. When he came across the child, not even the slightest breeze blew. She was so gorgeous that the wind didn't have the strength to go any closer. Quickly, the wind drifted back out of the forest, leaving behind some of its air. The fresh air filled the forest. Once it reached Kendra-May's lungs and was exhaled, it left a chiming song. That song filled the forest and was so beautiful that the birds cried.

Kendra-May's parents were so oblivious to how much attention she would draw. One more year passed by and someone else noticed her beauty. The sun was so fascinated by how she glowed; he had to have her hand.  So, the sun made his way to her, his rays shining bright. "Will you marry me?"

Kendra-May's delicate voice answered calmly. "I am sorry but I do not wish to marry you."

The sun was afraid this would happen. "Please, I beg of you. If you give me your hand in marriage, I shall free your family of this curse."

Kendra-May smiled. She had always seen the brightness and handsome shine of the sun. She had always waited for this moment but was careful to wait a bit longer to agree for she knew he would offer her freedom.

"Okay, marry me," The sun took her hand and carried her off to the sky where her beauty could be seen everywhere, and spread its glow across their world. Her beauty was so powerful that the world's glow use to be able to be seen from earth.

                So if you look up at the sky at night and you're overcome by a gorgeous glow that over powers all beauty, know that you will never be in the dark.


The End

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