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When Isabel Shaw was six years old her twin sister, Kendall, died. It took a long time but Isabel finally moved on. That is until ten years later when Kendall decides to magically reappear in Isabel's bedroom as though she never left, asking for help.

Isabel never thought that she would see her sister again, let alone help her bring out the truth of how she died. It's not going to be easy, but it doesn't seem that Isabel has a choice. But whatever. What are sisters for, right?

When I was six years old my twin sister, Kendall, died.

            I just want to make that clear, okay?  She died.  As in pushing up daisies, kicked the can, whatever weird cliché you wanted to use.  She wasn’t alive anymore.  And when I was six I used to pretend that she was there with me, kind of like an imaginary friend but worse.  Why was it worse?  Because Kendall was my sister.  People were trying to move on and I was sitting there acting like she was still alive.  It really hurt my mom and dad to hear me playing with Kendall upstairs when they were still grieving.

            So they put me on meds.

            Yep, I got taken to a doctor and put on medication.  And right after that?  Kendall was gone.  I never saw her again.  It really, really hurt at first—I mean she was my sister.  But then after a while I accepted that she was gone and moved on with my life. 

            Then ten years later Kendall came back.

            I know crazy right? 

The End

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