The Peacock Princess

With her great, golden eyes and flowing locks of curled honey hair which shrouded her small frame she was the most beautiful thing Aleziac Shadowforth had ever seen. The girl's white, feathered wings fluttered gently against her back in the light breeze which swept through the grassy cavern.

She stared right at him, and he had no choice but to meet her impudent stare. The young man's mouth had dried and he was lost for words as the young girl glowed with innocence and eminence in the filtered sunlight. 

Aleziac finally mustered the courage to whisper quietly, 'child, who are you?' 

The girl's deep metallic eyes pierced deep into his very soul and her perfectly formed, rounded pink lips pressed together, 'Mirabelle.' 

Despite the seemingly arrogant air that vibrated around her tiny body, the teen spoke with something like fragility and her voice chimed like little bells in the spring. That one word hung in the air, and lingered in the small space for what seemed like an eternity, Aleziac was transfixed by the noise, unable to utter a sound for the fear he might break the memory of it.

'Why are you here?' She breathed, the long feather which hung backward off her forehead shimmied as her head moved, 'this is not a place for humans to loiter!' 

There was a certain urgency in Mirabelle's quiet voice which transfixed him farther, and he stumbled another step into the small cavern in which the young creature was standing. Her liquid eyes widened in fear, and she stumbled backward herself; tripping over a rock and landing on the vibrant green mossy floor. 

'Sorry!' Aleziac gasped, lunging forward tactlessly in an attempt to help her, terrifying her even more than he already had.  Mirabelle's piercing shriek echoed, making Aleziac wince every time it rebounded off of the wall and hit his ears. 

'Sorry,' he murmured again, softer this time around, 'I have no intent of hurting you, Mirabelle.'

The soft-spoken girl's fears melted away as his soothing tone caressed her ears. She stood up, brushing the dirty chunks of moss from her sparkling bright wings, 'why are you here?' She repeated.

'I am in need of some spiritual guidance, Mirabelle. A stranger told me on my travels that I might some across some caverns which emanate with a strong magical force.'

'Indeed.' Mirabelle nodded, 'my cave does give off very powerful Eartian energy. But, I am forlorn to tell you traveller that I cannot harness that magic in my pubescent age; much alike to you in your adulthood - you could not lift a large sword or heavy axe.'

Aleziac's shoulders sagged, and his head hung low, 'how old are you?'

'Fourteen years old. May I request your own age?'


'Well, then, traveler, you can leave me with your name and in four years return to my caverns. I will bless you with my spiritual knowledge and aid you with whatever you may seek guidance with.'

'Really?' Aleziac beamed, and Mirabelle nodded her superior aura evaporated with her friendly smile. 

Mirabelle turned around, 'in four years, my friend, we shall meet again.' 

The End

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