Keeping Tabs

Charlie didn't expect to see her here. Immediately, the smile she had faltered as the realization that The Day had finally come to fruition. It's not like she hadn't been thinking of Taby pretty much every day since that fateful night when they "amicably de-coupled". Taby wanted to be friends (Don't they always?) but Charlie knew better. They said amicable but it had now been 4 years since they saw each other, until tonight. If Charlie had anything to do with it, that streak would last a little longer.

She tuned back in to Chyler, attempting to refocus on her sister's story in the dim bar. "Hey, Chy, I see a certain Blue eyed monster in here so i'm gonna...BYEE!" Charlie whispered as she grabbed her purse and jumped off her bar stool to escape the situation. She'd explain later, that whether she was ready or not, finally, her ex was back in the picture and not the one she screenshotted from Taby's Facebook.

Chyler text her sister once she got the Uber notification that she was safely home.

8:56pm Sooo...WTF bunnybee. You looked hot tonight so why'd you ditch?

8:58pm Because one Miss Tabitha Michelle Jensen was at the bar!

Did you not see the devil herself?

8:59 I got the check and left as soon as you did with no EXtra sightings! Your EXit makes sense now...

9:03pm Guess some demons can't stay hidden.

Charlie tried in vain to laugh at the puns as she laid down and thought about the hell she was about to put herself through.

The End

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