Keeping secrets safe...

A Samcedes fic.

It all started on Prom Night...


"Mercedes?" Sam asked. She looked up.

"Yes?" She murmured. 

"I just wanted to say, you look beautiful. Would you like to dance?" Sam held out his hand, his heart hammering. What if she says no? But his worries were unfounded. 

"I'd love to." She smiled, and then her hand was in his. He pulled her gently toward the dance floor, admiring her curled hair and her beautiful deep pink dress from the corner of his eye. When they reached a spot on the edge of the dance floor, he slid his arms gently around her waist. After a moment's hesitation, she let her arms rest about his neck. They swayed slowly. Sam could not hear a word Rachel was singing, nor the sounds of the band in the background as he stared into Mercedes' eyes. All he could hear was the pounding of his own heart, and the little voice in the back of his head screaming:

"Kiss her! Kiss her!" 


He thought back to earlier that evening, when he stopped by her place to pick her up on his way to Breadstix. Rachel and Jesse had said they would meet them there. He had knocked three times, and then Mercedes' mom had answered the door. 

"Mercedes, hon, your date's here!" Sam cringed a little at the word. Date? Was that really what this was? Mercedes and Rachel had only asked him to go with them because they had been unable to find anyone else.. 

But when he saw Mercedes at the top of those stairs, his whole view changed. He had to fight back a gasp as he looked at the stunning girl who he was lucky enough to be going to Prom with. How had he not seen it before? He guessed it was because he had never really been looking. Ever since he got to the school, he had been smitten with Quinn, and even after Quinn there was Santana. Neither relationship ended well. In fact, Santana hadn't even broken up with him properly, instead choosing to break up with him by announcing her relationship with Karofsky. 

It seemed to Sam that ever since he got to Ohio, he had been down on his luck. His first girlfriend cheated on him with one of his closest new friends, and his next girlfriend had cheated on him too! Well, at least, he assumed she had. He had never actually seen Karofsky and Santana do anything more than hold hands. And then his father had lost his job. Now they lived in a motel, and Sam felt progressively worse and worse as his parents failed to find new jobs. What would happen when the money ran out? 

But now, it seemed like things were looking up. Here was a beautiful girl, who had no boyfriend, and no attachment to any other boy... Could this be his chance? To find a girl who he could love? To find a girl who he could treat right, and be treated right in return? To find happiness for the first time in weeks? 

That is, if she'll have you... The voice in his head whispered. But Sam didn't care. Every time he looked into those melted-chocolate eyes, he felt himself fall a little harder. He would make her have him. 


As the song drew closer to the end, he felt Mercedes relax a little more, and he head rested on his shoulder. Sam was ready to melt. She fit so perfectly into his arms. She lifted her head from his shoulder, and their gazes met. The sharp green and the warm brown. Sam felt himself instinctively lean in, and she leaned in a little too. Their lips brushed in the shortest, but most electrifying of kisses. 

They stared at each other as Sam's hearing slowly came back, and he realized the song was over. He glanced around, checking if anyone was looking, and quickly led Mercedes aside. 

"What happened just then, white boy?" She whispered, her tone somewhat reverent. 

"I, uh, kissed you.." Sam muttered, feeling his cheeks flush. What if she hadn't felt the same? "Look, um, I'm sorry, it was just, uh, heat of the moment, um, if you don't feel.. you know-" Mercedes cut him off, pressing a finger to his lips. 

"Hush yo' mouth." She smiled. "Of course I feel the same, Sam.. You're pretty damn fine for a white boy, and you're not like Finn, Puck and the other Footballer types. Theres more to you than just arrogance and aggression. That kiss was..." 

"Electrifying." Sam whispered. 

"Uhuh." She grinned. 

"Do you want to, um, maybe go out with me sometime?" Sam asked, not meeting her eyes. 

"Sure I do. But I have one condition." He looked at her, eyes questioning. "We keep this on the D.L for a while. If the others find out.. All hell will break loose. I want to spend a little time with you when we aren't surrounded by drama and gossip. This is my first real relationship, and I don't want it to end too soon because of some stupid rumors." She frowned. 

"Thats cool. I understand totally. I want this to be.. Something more." His eyes shone with sincerity, and Mercedes had to stop herself from kissing him again. 

"Okay. Act normal. I don't think anyone saw us kiss. I'll slip my number into your locker on Monday. Text me, okay?" She winked, and with that, sashayed off. 

Sam sighed. He was in love. Madly, deeply in love with Mercedes Jones. 

The End

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