Ally: Games

I don't swear often but there are plenty of swear words I could use to describe our games lessons on Mondays.

Yep. They have been the same for the last three years. Just cross-country. I think Ms Dennis wants our school to win the world championships or something. Reality check to her: it will never happen, get over it!  Stop working us like packed mules. I like normal types of sport, football and tennis but not stupid cross-country. Whoever found joy in running around a field several times was a quite frankly an idiot with nothing better to do.

Janie, a loud girl in my year, called my name. Wonder what she wanted. She was the biggest slut in the world. I ran a bit faster and acted liked I hadn't heard her. She caught up with me. Damn. "Ally. Wait up." She didn't seem like she was stressing herself but I thought I'd be polite. I turned to her and raised an eyebrow subtly.

"Yeah? Hi Janie." "Hey. I was thinking. Are you busy this Saturday?"

I imagined looking at my empty schedule. "Er... No, I'm free, why?"

"Well, I was wondering if you were going to that party?"

"Oh, you mean Jen's? I don't know if I'm invited."

"Sure you are. How about you come over to mine, we do our make-up together with a few other girls and then we go to the party together?  How about that?"  By this time, her fake blonde highlights were really bugging me and I wanted to slap her just to shut her high-pitched voice up. She gave me her sweet smile. I knew it was a bad idea.

"Yeah sure. Your house at three?"

"Yup. See you Ally." She went to meet up with other girls from her year. Why on earth would she want me to come to a party with her? What was she planning?

The End

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