Keeping My Sweet Disposition

Follow through the life of a nobody.

English class again.  Mr Jones was rambling on about An Inspector Calls again.  Yeah, yeah, I know we have to read it again in half term, I've already read it three times.  It funny that Mr Jones should teach us English, his first language is Welsh and he still has a bit of a Welsh accent.  The reason I can speak Welsh is because of him because every time we start and finish an English lesson he teaches us a Welsh proverb in Welsh.  He always talks to me in Welsh, he's the only teacher that does.  It's his way of making sure his language lives on forever.

My life has been the same since day one.  My best friend is Rhys.  Yes, he's a boy.  I don't know how it turned out to be like that because in actual fact I'm in love with him.  It's a lot more than that though.  Ever since I first clamped eyes on him I knew I had a special connection with him.  He's my best friend as well.

I never did get along with the other girls in my class.  Most have them have all lost their virginity to some ugly sixth former or a royal on a one night stand or so they claim.  I'm not buying it.  Sex is supposed to be meaningful.  I want it to be special, not just some horrible one night stand that you can barely remember and brag about to your so-called friends.

"Ally, in what year was An Inspector Calls writtten in?"

"In 1944 by  J. B. Priestley," I recited off by heart.

"Well done.  See why can't you all be like Ally?"  Mr Jones always embarassed me in this way.  Another reason why I wasn't so popular.  It's not like I was the best in my class, I just found the teachers interesting and I was probably the only one that thought we could actually learn something from them.

Rhys called to me "Ally, can you help me with homework tonight?"

"Sure," I replied.  I'm such a sucker.

Maybe that's my problem. 

The End

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