Ok, so it's not a masterpiece, BUT I wanted to see where people will take this.
I have a woman named Beverly who is still living at home with her parents at the age of twenty-nine on the verge of turning thirty. I leave a lot open for people to come up with ideas.
She has one friend who's nine. (Why is she friendless?)
Cindy- a sarcastic yet brutally honest nine year old girl who Beverly baby sits. I won't fully describe her "style" but she is a grown woman in a nine year old's body. I'm no






My god, I swear the clock is mocking me sometimes. So yeah, I guess this is my normal Friday night, alone in my parents house without a thing to do.

"BEVERLY!" The whiney  and just utterly annoying voice squeals up the stairs and crashes into my room.

"Your father and I are going out to that buffet place down by Uncle Tom! Are you coming?"

Ok, by now you might be wondering am I a teenager? Maybe even 20-21?

Sorry folks, this hot mess of a social disaster of the century is a whopping age 29 soon to be 30. I live in a VERY small town in New Jersey. No, not the annoying Jersey shore characters, who are really from New York,  North Jersey girl.

More like the long lost forgotten southern area deep in the woods New Jersey. Our "claim to fame" is a crumbling summer resort ghetto of a city, Atlantic City, and the "Jersey Devil" tale, when in reality was most likely a fabricated tale based on a poor deformed boy who was forced to live in a basement! Locals made up stories of there being a "demon" living there in the woods.

Such a great bunch of settlers of this town these people were!

As for me at the moment, I'm single, friendless, well accept for the nine year old girl Cindy down the street who I baby sit sometimes.

Is it weird to count her as a friend?

Oh God, I'm pathetic.

What's worse is she even has a boyfriend! She's tends to be brutally honest and reminds me how I'm single and she's not.

So here I am, quickly approaching the day where my 20's are soon to set sail.

"No mom! That place smells weird I told you!"

"All right! Bye!"



By God I can't turn thirty like this!

Just then the craziest idea jumped into my thoughts. 

The End

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