Part One

The Journal of Sophia Chevalier

Do not despair, and do not forget.


Have you ever experienced near death? You come so close to something so final, that even survival has a profound effect on you. Coming within touching distance of the flames of hell causes your skin to bubble. It smoulders and sears into your flesh leaving a mark, a scar upon your soul. A mark so unforgettable that you will carry it for the rest of your life; a mark that governs your every moment from its conception, forcing you to live in the shadow of the memory that put it there.

This is my memoir; call it my last Will and Testament, my closing statement to those lucky enough to be alive. If you’re reading this then you can safely assume I am no longer among the living.  For the sake of all I pray you heed my words and remember them; for the day may come when they alone will save you. -Sophia Elizabeth Chevalier 

The End

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