I stare at my reflection in the mirror. My eyes shimmering gold. My skin flawless, my lips full and soft, and my hair curled perfectly down my chest.

“You are a beauty,” James says so softly. “That’s it.”

The beautiful shimmering gold dress is amazing. “Do you really think so?” My pregnant belly big, awaiting the birth of our first child.

He chuckles lightly, walking over with perfectly long strides. He wraps his arms around me. “What do you think?”

I look down at his dark tuxedo. ‘Mystical. Mysterious… Midnight Beauty…’ I chuckle softly, “Sexy.” I kiss him then, smelling his Calvin Klein cologne. His breath so icy, but warm.

“I agree,” he says in my ear softly. “God chose the perfect wife for me.” Something tickles my neck. “Don’t look yet,” he whispers. He chuckles as he clasps it at the back of my neck. “Now you can,” he whispers.

I laugh softly, as my eyes flutter open. I smile and turn to the mirror and gasp at the beautiful sight. “James, it’s beautiful.”

He kisses my forehead. “I love you, my goddess,” he whispers. I kiss him showing him just how much I love him. He pulls away slowly, clearing his throat before letting out a little chuckle, “And you love me too. We should get going or we’ll be late.”

I smile, “Aww, it’s a shame.” I smile walking towards the door. “I would have loved to have a good reason to be late.”

I can see James’ green cat eyes spark. I hold myself together. “How about… half an hour?”

I laugh, “Half an hour?

“How about we don’t go,” he whispers, kissing my neck. My heart pounds and the vein in my neck throbs when James kisses it. I let out a sigh and then pull away, regaining composure. “How about we go and then come back quickly,” I ask smiling.

“That’s good,” he smiles. “We’ll make up an excuse like… You were getting tired. And you wanted to rest.”

I smile shaking my head slowly, “Using my pregnancy as an excuse—”

He laughs hysterically. “Come on, you know it’ll happen anyways,” he smiles. He takes my hand and leads me slowly down the stairs.

“You know… I think one baby will do us fine,” I say. “The feeling of my belly stretching does not feel good.”

He laughs at this, kissing me as he helps me into the car and walks quickly around to the driver’s side. ‘God… hopefully this is really the last week. Hopefully next time Kathleen throws a party, I won’t be pregnant…’

James reverses and we are off.


Everyone is there. ‘Kathleen has actually out done herself.’ She gives me a hug sideways, “How is my niece?”

“So you’re rooting for a girl too,” I ask laughing. “I thought you were neutral.”

“Nope that was the other twin,” she says. I scoff and she laughs, sitting me down.

“Where’s James,” I ask.

“Packing up the vans,” she chuckles. “Everyone got at least three presents for you.”

“And how much did you get for me,” I tease.

“The usual, none,” she says. I make a mockery of being shocked as I gasp, and she laughs. “I was joking, I got you six. I’m thinking about keeping them. I joke.” I give her a hug. “Ew, I felt her,” she says, pulling away.

I laugh, “Whatever. It’s normal,” I say.

“Not for me,” she says. “I’m not having kids, at all.”

“Because you can’t find the best candidate to have a child with or—”

She scoffs, “Whatever. If I wanted to have my child with Tanner, I could have, but then the child will end up stupid.”

I gasp, “You do know he’s here, right?”

“You do know I planned this party, right,” she asks imitating my voice.

I roll my eyes though smiling. “You can’t even do it like me,” I laugh.

“Cake time,” Marilyn yells. Everyone starts chanting after that.

Kathleen rolls her eyes, “Who said she was the boss? I tell when it’s cake time.”

“It’s cake time,” James whispers coming up from behind.

I chuckle and Kathleen shrugs, “I guess it is,” she says, getting up. “It’s cake time,” she cheers.

Adults cheer acting like toddlers. James and I laugh together. “So you’re gonna be driving with Kathleen, okay?” He whispers, “There is no space in the back of the car.”

“Wow,” I say quietly. “The trunk got filled up?”

“Fast,” he says nodding.

“Alright,” I smile, kissing him.

The End

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