The Revelation & The Kindness

The ginger man coughed, and Katlyn trembled in her boots. Any second now, any second...

The small woman came scurrying up to the stage again, two answer sheets in her hands. Again, she whispered over dramatically to the ginger man, who raised his eyebrows. Katlyn couldn't help but relate them to a pair of furry orange caterpillars sitting placidly above his eyes.

"Ah, well, it seems that there was a mistake when the scores were counted up. It is in fact, not a draw at all, but we have a winner!  Katlyn, come and collect your prize please."

Katlyn froze. The boy looked crestfallen, but turned to her with a smile and kind eyes, and offered his hand for a shake. "Well done," he said, without even a hint of remorse or sarcasm.

Blinking rapidly, Katlyn mumbled a reply at the kind boy, who slipped back to his Mum in the crowd. The ginger man ushered her up to next to the big cake, which now she was closer to it, didn't seem that big at all.

"Excellent, excellent, very well done Katlyn," said the ginger man. Unlike the boy, it didn't sound like he cared very much. He coughed again and tapped the microphone. "So we have our little winner! Would you like to say a few words, Katlyn?"

Katlyn nodded, and her fingers folded clumsily around the microphone. It was heavier than it looked.

The hall full of people stood patiently while Katlyn shuffled her feet a little. The old womans words were drifting around her head. Rember that definition of kindness. The act of kindness comes from the heart: it is humane and honest and affectionate. Kindness is real, and cannot be imitated. True kindness warms a person and gives them hope: it is a reminder of the good things and the sweet things that life can give you; that kindness can bring to you.

Finally, Katlyn understood. If she wanted to be happy, she should be kind. Winning a huge cake wasn't going to make her happy. It might make her full and a little bit sick, but it wouldn't bring her what she really wanted: love and happyness.

The crowd was still waiting, and nervously, Katlyn began to speak. "I'm afraid there's been a mistake," she said quietly. "This boy should have won, not me. He is kind and nice to people, he thinks about their feelings first. I don't, and I shouldn't win. I only won because I cheated, and I was greedy. I wanted what I didn't need."

She gave the microphone back to a baffled ginger man and clambered down from the stage. The audiece looked at each other, and started to applaud. No one was angry with her for cheating: they were happy because she had been kind.

Katlyn blushed and ducked through the crowd. As she slipped past people, she spotted the boy. She waved shyly. He smiled and mouthed "thank you" at her.

If she had looked a little harder, Katlyn would have seen the face of the old lady just behind the boy, a happy smile spreading across her wrinkled face.

The End

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