The Cheater & The Graceful Loser

There were two questions left, and Katlyn was getting desperate. The questions weren't particulary hard, but she had had to ask Mum for help on most of them.

This question was troubling her. Her Mum didn't have a clue, and everyone else seemed to be frantically scribbling away. Katlyn shuffled slightly to the right and sneaked a peek at the answer sheet of the young couple next to them.

1984. Perfect. She thought, writing down the answer.

"Okay, times up for that question! Number 10: Write down your definition of kindness. The most comprehensive and original answer will automatically get an extra ten points, ensuring victory! Keep them short and sweet please, you have five minutes. Go!"

Everyone started mumbling and scrathing their heads, but started to knuckle down after a few moments of confusion. Everyone except Katlyn.

A definition of kindness? What a stupid question, she thought. How am I meant to know? I'm not a walking dictionary!

Again, she resorted to cheating. Dropping down to the floor, she pretended to lace up her boots. Coming up again, she jogged a boy in front of her, and he dropped his paper.

"Oh sorry!" She exclaimed, bending down to pick it up. As she stood, she scanned his answer before giving it back.

"Thank you very much," he said, and it sounded like he meant it.

Katlyn hastily copied down the boys answer, and when the five minutes was up, she ran to the front and gave in her sheet first. On the way back she spotted the old lady from the paperweight stall, who smiled knowingly at her, and bekoned her over.

Katlyn scowled and tramped in her direction. "What do you want?" She said grumpily.

"I saw what you did," the old lady said, only just loud enough for Katlyn to hear. "And please, I want you to think about that boys answer. Think about what it means"

Confused and startled, Katlyn began to deny cheating, but the old lady had already gone, swallowed up by the crowd.

The ginger man coughed and tapped his microphone. "Ladies and gentlemen, the results are in! My team of judges have marked and read through everyone's answers at top speed, and we have a winner!"

The tension in the room grew, and Katlyn foccused her attention on the cake, filling with anticipation.

Suddenly, a woman scurried up to the ginger man and whispered something in his ear. "Oh, well, this is interesting!" He said. "It looks like we have a draw! These two people both put the same answer for question 10, and got the same number of other questions correct! Isn't that a coincidence!"

Katlyn froze. It was her and the small boy in front of her, she just knew it. It would be so obvious that she had cheated, and everyone would be horrible to her.

Sure enough, when the ginger man read two names off a sheet of paper, it was indeed her and the small boy. They both stumbled up to the front, and the boy blushed as people applauded and cheered, but Katlyn crossed her arms and looked at the floor.

"Well look at that!" The ginger man said. "This is strange. Obviously, great minds think alike!"

Katlyn waited for someone to point out that one of them must have cheated. Waited and waited and waited. Any second now, she would be declared a cheater and she would have to become the gracefull loser.

The End

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