The Competition & The Cake

The Fayre was drawing to a close, and a man with ginger hair and lots of freckles tapped a microphone nervously.

"Can I have your attention please, ladies and gentlemen," he said into the microphone. "It is now time for the Annual Christmas Competition! The winner will take home this delicious cake."

He motioned behind him, and Katlyn gasped as another man pulled the cover off the biggest cake she had ever seen. She could almost taste the soft sponge in her mouth just by looking at it, and her desire was mirrored in almost every other face in the hall.

"In order to win this cake," the man continued. "You must be clever, sharp and up do date on all the latest know-how."

A few people in the crowd laughed, but Katlyn was focused on the cake. She had to win it, she just had to!

"Can anyone who would like to join in please come and collect a pencil and an answers sheet from the front," the man said.

People crushed forwards to take a pencil and a sheet, and Katlyn wriggled under arms and squeezed through gaps to take hers first.

Pencil poised, she eagerly awaited the first question.

The End

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