Katlyn & Christmas Cracker

"Katlyn, be a good girl and help Bobby with his present," Mum said. "The sellotape is confusing him."

Wrinkling her nose and crossing her arms, Katlyn sat stubbornly on the carpet and didn't move. "Why?" She snapped moodily.

Mum sighed. "Please, darling. Just help your brother."

Katlyn tramped angrily across the living room and ripped the present from Bobby's hands. "Give it here," she said, tearing at the sellotape with her fingernails.

Tears ran down Bobby's face as he clutched for the present. "Give it back!" He demanded. "Mu-um! Katlyn's being mean!"

"Shut up!" Katlyn hissed, still tugging at the wrapping paper. After a couple more seconds, she threw it on the floor and stalked off, declaring that "That's just stupid."

Mum picked Bobby up and left the offending present on the floor. It was only three days before Christmas: Bobby's birthday. Katlyn and promised in her best innocent voice to be good, but as always, her promise went out of the window.

"If only that child could learn what it means to be kind," Mum said absently, watching the snow fall outside the window, whilst Bobby fell asleep in her arms.

The End

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