Katie's Ghost- chapter 3Mature

'Such a sweet girl' the stranger whispered, so quite that Katie was surprised that it was enough to wake her. She let out a little sob as she realized that she was still trapped in this nightmare though she'd woken, and the stranger placed a cool hand on hers. Katie opened her eyes looked up at the stranger, quivering lips attempting a smile. The stranger was a grandmotherly looking woman, with fuzzy gray hair and a warm smile that showed despite her many wrinkles. She tucked her pale lavender sweater around her and spoke softy to Katie, telling her to close her eyes again and to be very still because she needed to take out the i.v. , waiting until she had nodded and done so before pulling it gently out. When she'd finished this, she walked slowly across the room to a hard plastic container labeled 'sharps' and placed the needle inside. Katie watched her pause and take a deep breath before turning and slowly coming back to her bedside, easing herself into the chair with great care. She bit her lip and looked up 

'Katie I have some bad news for you...' she spoke in carefully paced tones. 

'Okay' katie responded with a little nod

'You're dead' 

The End

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