Katie's Ghost-chapter 2Mature

Katie awoke lying in an an unfamiliar bed with a lumpy pillow and over starched sheets. As she blinked her eyes open she tried to recall how she'd arrived here, and where exactly was was here? Letting her eyes wander around the room she tried to piece this together, taking the white walls, powder blue curtains on the small window, and a single white chair at the side of her bed, which turned out to have metal rails. It was at the gain of this fact that Katie suddenly realized where she was and why, everything coming to her in a rush. Caroline, the hot knife, the kitchen floor covered in blood, the pain, and finally the loss of everything. It all made sense now, somebody had taken her to a hospital after she had blacked out.

Before she could think further on this, she was jolted suddenly out of her thoughts by a pulling sensation in the back of her hand which she'd just moved to brush her long, coffee colored hair back, she looked down at it and whimpered a little. An i.v. was taped to it. It was strange that after being slashed with a hot knife until she bled to death, she would still winced at the thought of a needle, but she still did. Her eyes followed the long tube connected to the needle up to a bag filled with some sort of liquid that was dripping down into her. She guessed it was some sort of painkiller because though she was aware of her heavily bandaged arms, legs, chest, and tummy, she felt no pain. Actually, she couldn't feel much of anything except exhaustion, so she found herself slipping back into sleep, oblivious to the opening of her door. 

The End

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