Katie's GhostMature


'Katie! You whore! How could you be so stupid?!' Katie's sister screamed at her.

Fights like this were common in her house, not that she ever got used to them. It was the smallest things that triggered it; a slip on the porch stairs, a sneeze, a forgotten text book, a torn hem. Katie curled herself into the uttermost corner of the kitchen in fear as her sister, Caroline, neared her with eyes filled with uttermost hatred. 

'How on earth do you expect me to find a date when you go and steal all the good looking boys for yourself? Gah! You f****ing hooker, you little s**t!'

Caroline seemed to radiate with fury and she took a step closer, her tone taking a dangerous whisper. She drew her hand back and slapped Katie, who whimpered as her hand met her cheek, already waiting for the next blow to strike. When it did come, it was not the pain that she expected, it was a burning hot pain delivered to her leg in a sharp slice. She screamed in pain and opened her eyes, vision blurred with tears, and looked up at her sister who was holding a bloody knife to the glowing stove top.  Caroline smiled at Katie's screams of agony and slashed again and again across her body until a dark scarlet puddle began to spread across the tile floor and flecks of blood began to decorate the cupboards. Katie's screams grew weaker and weaker until she couldn't scream at all, instead she stared at the clock and counted down the time until she would surely perish. All of a sudden she knew it was almost over, she began counting her final seconds, words bubbling up through the blood in her mouth like the gasps of a drowning child. 


The End

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