The ChaseMature

*The Chase Is A Flashback*

I needed to see Mrs. Leo, She's a WereLion. Yes, WereLion. I know what your thinking 'WereLion? Are we on an episode of TrueBlood? They exist? WTH? WHF?' Well back to the subject. Mrs. Leo is a good fighting teacher if you need one with a lot of patience. The fact that I'm The Speaker has nothing to do with what teacher I chose. She doesn't even know.



"Sorry Mrs. Leo."
Mrs. Leo looked at her funny.

"It's okay, but remember If I was your enemy you'd be dead by know. And what did I say about calling me Mrs. Leo?"

"That your name is Jessie and I should call you that *sigh*"

"What's wrong?"
"Someones coming. I can feel it."
"What type of being is it."
"*growl* Wolf-Men, there's 10 of them."
"Katie. Go get Jason and take him to Kassie's and then go home and hide."



I ran into the house and grabbed 4 year old Jason from his chair, grabbing the emergency bag Jessie had incase something like this happened. I grabbed my stuff of the floor. The Wolf-Men were coming. Jason had that look he got just before he cried. I lightly tapped the pressure point near the base of his neck. Knocking the little boy out. I stoped for a minute at the backdoor. I could feel the life force of a Wolf-Man disapering. Jessie wouldn't make it but she would take at least 3 with her. As I ran I felt her life force... dissolve into nothing. My teacher and the only person I had been able to trust since my mother was taken. She...She was gone forever. I searched for her husband Ian. He would be livid when he found out that his wife was dead. I found his life force, but it was dim. He was dieing. Little Jason would never see his parents again. I looked at him.

"We're in the same situation now. Humph. I'm sorry that your an..." I couldn't finish my sentence. It hurt to much. I ran to Kassie's and told her what happened. Before I finish she was crying. I gave her Jason and left. I wanted to help her but... If I didn't go her and Jason would die like Jessie and Ian. Then I would be killed by Jessie and Ian's spirits for getting their son killed. I'm not that stupid. Huh that was almost funny, it's been so long since I've joked around that I almost forgot what it was like. They were behind me, I would have 5 minutes once I got to my house to find the gun and load it. All silver bullets. I didn't check to see how many there were. I didn't want to know. I ran in, locked the door, and hurried to the gun cabinet. I loaded the gun and ran to my room. The house was silent, just like everyday for the last 5 years. Yes 5 years, I've been living by myself since I was three. I havn't seen my friends in so long, the last time I saw my bestfriend was 2 hours before my mother died, give or take. Ashley doesn't know why I havn't visited, why I don't call, or why I seem to have disipeared of the face of the planet. Even Jessie didn't know that I lived alone. I know she would have adopted me but... She had her own child, and I felt bad that she trained me. It was less time for her to spend with her son. So here I waiting... waiting to join my friend and teacher in death.

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