Chapter FourMature

The next few days were horrible, I went to school as usual, and hated it as usual, but it was worse than normal. Every time I was alone somewhere, Faye would turn up with her knife and threaten me again. Usually I would spend the day waiting to be able to go home, keeping myself together that way. I always hoped that I would get home to find Jake there, but he never was. I’d sit in my room on my bed just waiting for the thumping up the stairs, a few times I had thought I heard him coming up the stairs but it turned out to be my Dad every time. The days were slowly slipping by in my own personal hell. Soon enough a whole two weeks had passed and I’d still heard nothing from him. I had text messaged him plenty of times, maybe 5 times a day, but I got nothing back. I’d sit in my room smoking weed most of the time, trying to forget that my life was falling apart around me. Sometimes I’d have my music on full blast, like today, and I’d just scream and scream. My Dad would never hear me screaming, the music covered it. He never asked me what was wrong, or what had happened to Jake, he just carried on with his own life, not even noticing me. Except today, he must of had enough of my music because he came barging into my room all red faced and obviously very angry. “Turn down that bloody music!” He tried to yell over the top of it, but I just looked at him for a moment, and then turned it off. I had tears running down my face, it seemed to be a new hobby of mine, crying. He doesn’t even notice that I am crying. He just looks at me angrily. “I have had enough of this! Kate, pack your bags, it’s time you found your own place to live, I can’t deal with it anymore!” He used to always threaten to kick me out the house, but he had never seemed so serious before. I look at him, and realised that actually he was being serious! He left the room then and came back a few moments later with black bin bags. “Get all your stuff together now and get out.” This person wasn’t my Dad; my Dad wouldn’t actually do this to me, would he?

“Dad, are you being serious?” He didn’t answer me but just walked out of the room, slamming the door behind him. I start to get my things together and throw them into the big bag. I even packed my picture of me and Jake, even though it always made me cry, but I knew one day he would come back to me and when he does I don’t want to be without our picture.

 Once I had finished packing my things, I just grabbed the bin bag and walked out the front door, without even looking back at my former home or to say goodbye to my father, who which I felt I would never see again. I walked for a long time, my legs started to ach so I stopped off in a park to sit on a bench. I took out my phone and began to write a text message to Jake.

Hey Jake, we aint talked for a while,

how are you? I’m shite, my Dad just

kicked me out of his house and now

I have nowhere to stay. I just want to

say that I am in love with you so bad,

I wish u could see it, if anything

happens to me I just wanted you to

kno that.


I know it sounds like I’m going to try and kill myself or something silly like that, which I think about a lot, but I was expecting Faye to kill me anyway because if she showed up I’d defiantly fight back with her because of the mood I’m in.

 “Oh my gosh Kate! Are you okay?” The one person I really don’t expect to see has just turned up in front of me, which is really strange as she does not live near this area. It’s Kath.

“Umm... Yeah, I’m fine.” How did she know that something was wrong? Does Jake talk to her, did he tell her that I am in love with him, that we had sex and that he doesn’t want me? Does she know everything?

“What happened?” Maybe she’s just guessing? I don’t know if I should tell her about Jake and everything, she probably already knows but doesn’t want me to know that she knows. Then I suddenly realise that she is not talking about Jake at all, but she is talking about the bag full of my things. Duhh!

“My Dad has kicked me out.”

“Where are you going to stay?” Kath asks, looking rather worried about me.

“I have no idea, if I had money I would stay in a hotel or whatever, but I’m broke!”

“Alright, come and stay at my house. That’s if you want to?” It wasn’t a want, but a need! What else would I do?

 Kath and I walked two miles to her house. I was almost dead by the time we got there, I couldn’t handle it, I was in so much pain, physical and mentality, a tear dripped down my face but I carried on walking. Kath just talked and talked the whole time, I pretty much just blocked her out, not on purpose; I just couldn’t hear her over my thoughts. I could have passed out as it was so hot! Sweat trickled down my brow, mixing in with the tears as we walked. The sweat made me think of Jake and the sweat on his body the day we made love. This made me cry harder, a silent cry though. Kath still didn’t notice.

 “So Kate, do you want to share my bedroom? Or would you rather have your own room? I don’t mind if you want to share with me. The spare room isn’t very nice really.”

It wasn’t that I cared much about what the spare room looked like; I just didn’t like the thought of sleeping in a odd house on my own.

“I’ll share with you, if you really don’t mind.”

She didn’t mind, she gave me a fake smile, the same smile she used the first time we spoke. I just smiled back hoping that my make up hadn’t smudged too much while I was crying. I collapsed on Kath’s bedroom floor once we got to her room. I could hardly breathe now.

“Kath, can we smoke in here?” I ask.

“Yeah, you can do whatever you want in here, my parents don’t mind, they don’t really pay any attention to me.” I wondered whether she wanted me to ask more and feel sorry for her because of her parents ignoring her but she seemed alright at just that so I took it as a yes and grabbed my tobacco and papers and other bits and bobs and rolled up a joint. I smoked as much as I could, obviously I shared it with Kath. We put on loud music, jumped around the room playing air guitar and screaming to the lyrics. I had no idea that Kath was so much fun! She has an amazing collection of CD’s. I was surprised that Kath’s parents weren’t strict, they seem posh with their big house and fancy things, but Kath isn’t posh, Kath is amazing. Kath’s Mum had short straight hair, dark brown like Kath’s hair except her Mums didn’t have life and shine in it like Kath’s did. Her Mum’s name was Linda; she was rather skinning, weedy even. When I saw her she was wearing a white and grey skirt suit and thick rimmed glasses. She seemed to look down her nose at me, as if I was dirt, I didn’t like her very much. Kath’s Dad however seemed nice enough, he looked really geeky but he welcomes me to the house with a big smile. I rather liked Kath’s house, it was really big, it looked old on the outside, like a farm house, but the inside was really modern. There is loads of rooms that I’m sure are never used as Kath is an only child. Kath’s room is massive, with purple walls and a wide screen T.V on the wall. There were all sorts of things all over the room, tons of make-up and jewellery and 2 wardrobes full of clothes! Yet there was still space on the floor for a fold out camp bed for me to sleep on. I was actually happy to be there. 

The End

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